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Return To Nature: Seasonal Skincare

While seasonal skincare is not a new concept, we seem to be embracing it more than ever.  Perhaps its a sign of our collective ‘return to nature.’ Indeed, as something becomes scarcer, it also becomes more valuable and celebrated.  As we have evolved to spend less time amidst nature, we are seeking new ways to reconnect to it, and one way is through how we care for our skin. Just as fruits and vegetables are seasonally appropriate, so is our skincare. When we tune in to the natural rhythms of nature, and how our body responds to these shifts, we should adjust our skincare routine accordingly. Ask yourself, ‘how does my skin feel now?’ and ‘what is my skin craving’? If you listen closely, your skin will communicate exactly what it needs.

Natural beauty brands are helping us tune in by crafting season season specific products that feature ingredients suited to skin concerns associated with that season. One example is True Botanicals limited edition Seed Serum, boasting an extra dose of nutritious fatty acids to locked inside the chia, papaya, tea, grape, blackberry and evening primrose seeds to nourish dry winter skin.  Taking it a step further new natural beauty brand, Saison, has a collection of skincare devoted to each spring, summer, autumn and winter.  Founder Julie Kim says that spring is her most popular collection followed closely by winter, with their body oils, butters and hand creams being top-sellers. Their spring collection features organic ingredients such like avocado, apricot, cherry and rose geranium, while the winter collection switches to feature meadowfoam, pomegranate and rosehip.

SkinOwl Beauty Steam Seasonal Skincare

Beauty rituals and routines can also shift with the seasons.  We recently introduced the ritual of Beauty Steam inspired by SkinOwl’s Marigold Glow.  Steaming is an ideal springtime ritual to support skin detoxification.  In autumn, when the harvest is ready, you may find yourself drawn to more earthy botanicals to keep skin in balance, like Hana’s Lavender Grains or Mahalo Skin Care’s Pele Mask.

As we deepen our connection to nature and the relationship between the seasons and our skin, we can’t ignore seasonal nutrition.  In her books Eat Pretty and Eat Pretty, Live Well, author Jolene Hart clarifies the connection between our diet and our skin, hair, nail and physical health.  In her books, she offers seasonal beauty food checklists, season-specific challenges and recipes all aimed at connecting us to the cycles and wisdom of nature.

The changing of a season is my reminder to take inventory of my beauty routine and nutrition.  Here are some of the shifts I make with every turn:Jeannie Seasonal Skincare | Marigold Beauty Steam by SkinOwl

Spring Time:  I focus on detoxifying my skin with regular manual and natural acid/enzyme exfoliation, beauty steaming and getting a facial, my skin really needs it.  I drink a lot of hot water with lemon and eat snap peas, spinach, artichokes, asparagus and strawberries.

Summer Time: I lighten up my skincare routine with daytime oil-free moisturizers.  I work a lot of hydration into my routine, keeping a face mist by my desk and misting throughout the day with a hydrosol.  I gravitate toward products that contain hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. My skin also loves vitamin C for brightening so I naturally tend to look for products that have this ingredient to get some extra antioxidant protection.  I drink a lot of water with chopped mint leaves and eat a lot of tomatoes, berries, zucchini, cucumber and watermelon.

Autumn: My skin needs a lot of balancing during this seasonal shift, so mineral rich treatments, mixed with honey suit my skin this time of year.  I drink earthy teas made with health and immunity boosting mushrooms and eat a lot of figs, apples, pumpkin, sweet potato and mushrooms.

Winter: My skin also needs a lot of hydration in the winter, so I focus on misting it often, similar to my summer routine, but follow it up with a nourishing face balm to seal it in and protect my skin from dryness.  I drink hot water with slices of fresh ginger and lemon and eat oranges, carrots, brussels sprouts, kale and avocado.