Zero Waste Personal Care Products

Solid For Good

If you’ve been following along with Beauty Heroes, you’ve noticed we’ve been continually growing our zero waste personal care category online and in our Northern California store. These are the most exciting products for me to discover right now for several reasons. Professionally and personally, I love the joy of finding a product that really delivers for me, but creates little to no non-biodegradable, non-recyclable waste. It feels like a true triumph. But when I consider the deeper reasons why this has become a passion point, it’s because I know that a change has to come if we want to leave the planet better for our children and future generations. I’ve always been one who embraced the sentiment, that when we know better, we do better (thank you Maya Angelou). Knowing how much beauty and personal care packaging cannot or will not ever be recycled, it’s impossible for me not to embrace products that make it possible to get clean, stay dry and moisturize – all super important by the way – without leaving a trace.

But there’s also another reason I’ve been loving the thrill of discovering zero waste personal care and beauty products, and that’s the sensation of returning to the essential. It’s amazing to pick up a beautiful bar of soap, wrapped in paper, enjoy it, and wonder, why did we ever go away from this? Good bar soap is effective and luxurious, and I ask myself often, do we really need much more? Over the last couple of years, I’ve become fascinated with solid personal care products, from shampoo to deodorant bars, and my bathroom has become a testing ground for all things solid. What I’ve discovered is that just like any product, solid products vary in quality and performance, just like any other category of products. Today, I’m sharing the zero waste personal care products I feel are a solid choice to help you live lighter and love more.

Osmia Face + Body Soap
Osmia has perfected the art of luxury, effective artisan soap making. I’m lucky to have visited the Osmia lab in Carbondale, Colorado and have the opportunity to make soap with Dr. Sarah Villafranco. So much fun. Their Black Clay Facial Soap is a Hero product, and I don’t use that term lightly here. So many people are life-long devotees to this little bar of soap that soothes the most sensitive skin types. Their Rose Clay Facial Soap is another option. The rippled weave of their body soaps is a distinctive signature that graces their oversized bars. Made with the highest quality organic ingredients and cured from 8 to 10 weeks for maximum staying power, Osmia crafts soap that will make you consider giving up bottled wash for good.

AYUNA’s The Soap
This creamy, dreamy facial bar has several roles. Ayuna’s The Soap is made with olive oil, borage seed oil, glycerin and charcoal, this face cleanser is this luxury Spanish skincare brand’s only cleanser, that’s how good it is. It foams up to a creamy, dreamy lather that can remove makeup, deeply cleanse and even be used as a shaving foam. If you love it, you’ll buy multiple bars at a time, because there’s nothing quite like it.

Meow Meow Tweet Shampoo + Conditioner Bar
Solid Shampoo and Conditioner bars are on their way, and I’ve tested many of them. Meow Meow Tweet’s Lavender Coconut Shampoo Bar and Lavender Hemp Conditioner Bar are, like all of their products, formulated with the highest quality organic ingredients. The shampoo bar has is a beautiful formula of olive, coconut, shea and hemp seed oil, mixed with wonderful montmorillonite clay, kaolin, mica and ylang ylang. It gently cleanses and smells amazing. The conditioner bar blends jojoba, hemp, shea and cacao with naturally plant-derived behentrimonium methosulfate which makes it soften and condition without any silicones.

Eir Travel Shampoo + Body Bar
I think of Eir as the brand made for surfers. While outdoor enthusiasts and minimalists love this product already, it’s a great product for anyone who likes to keep it simple. The Eir Shampoo + Body Bar lathers to cleanse locks and skin with a refreshing, unisex scent of basil, rosemary and lavender. I really love this ultra-minimal approach to product.

Cleo + Coco Deodorant Bars
Luxury deodorant goes zero waste in this innovative in this Cleo + Coco Solid Deodorant Bar that boasts the exact same formula in their traditional deodorant sticks, sans plastic. Instead, the wax wrapped around the base of the bar serves as a handle to hold the stick as you apply. It comes with a cotton cloth bag for storage and travel. When you get to the bottom of the bar, peel back the wax and apply with fingertips. Is this a different deodorant experience? Definitely. But it’s a small price to pay for living plastic free and I’m down with it. It’s worth mentioning, they make some pretty great bar soap as well!

Nopalera Bar Soap and Moisturizing Botanical Bar
I don’t know which I like better. The Nopalera Cactus Bar Soap in three scents is not only beautiful to look at, but also boasts a beautiful palm-free formula of nopal cactus, rice bran, shea and coconut. But there’s an added touch with the soft fibers from the nopal cactus that add a soothing texture to this soap that I’ve become addicted to. The Botanical Body Bar is a head-to-toe lotion bar made with exquisite prickly pear seed oil, shea, jojoba and tepezcohuite, an indigenous botanical with skin-soothing benefits. Warm the body bar between your palms and apply all over to feet, body, neck and even the face. Also, grab this bar and give someone you love a deeply moisturizing back rub.

Axiology Lip To Lid Balmies
Launched last year, these lip, cheek and eye crayons take a little getting used to. But once you do, you’ll wonder why it’s taken so long to develop package-free makeup. Without all the packaging, Axiology’s Lip to Lid Balmies look tiny, and yet contains the same amount of product found in traditional makeup products, without all the packaging. They come in tiny bright red compostable paper storage boxes that are made from recycled material from Indonesia. Instead of putting the plastic cap on your lipstick, you just pop it back into the box for safe storage and carrying. Imagine if all makeup came this way…maybe one day.