Inspired Spa Water Recipes to Help You Drink Your Daily 8

Water is your number one cleansing companion. Pivotal to good health, those eight glasses we’re told to drink daily do more than quench thirst. They’re the everyday detox agent your body needs to function.

Water makes up nearly 70% of the body and is, after air, its most vital nutrient. The body uses water to lubricate joints, regulate temperature, protect organs, hydrate cells, speed the elimination process and help kidneys flush out toxins. Not surprisingly, to be under-hydrated strains all of these miracles and can leave you feeling tired and your skin looking less than radiant.

Still, most of us often fall short of drinking enough. Water, however wonderful, can be outright dull to drink. To find inspiration, we turned to some of the country’s best spas for their delicious hints on how to add allure, flavor and variety to this miracle drink and spa water recipes that make us thirsty for more.

In hot summer day on the table decorated with apple tree blooms in backyard is served Naturally Flavored (Infused) Cucumber water with ice and lemon and lime slides Note: For all combinations, slice unpeeled organic produce to expose surface area and flavor. Add herbs whole. Using filtered water allows more flavors to come through.

In a large pitcher, use any combination of fresh ingredients, fill with water and add ice as desired. Infuse for thirty minutes to let flavors emerge.

For individual infused spa water drinks, place a generous slice of Pineapple, Orange and Lime at the bottom of a 12-ounce glass. Top with lots of lots of ice and savor for a while. (Spa Aiyana at Carmel Valley Ranch, CA)