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TCM Meets Green Beauty, Discover YINA

Good things come to those who wait. I’ve waited over three years to deliver this discovery to the Beauty Heroes community from YINA, formerly 5YINA, a Bay Area based brand that I knew was so special since we first met. Over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate to carry their Hero products at Beauty Heroes and share them with you. With their new re-brand and launch, we were finally able to collaborate on a beauty discovery unlike any other, introducing their newest product, and my Hero product, Recovery Body Treatment that can be used on its own or in a body gua sha ritual. From the moment I first touched this product, I knew that sophisticated green beauty lovers would fall deeply in love with it’s rich and unctuous blend of Traditional Chinese herbs that penetrate deeply to support overall wellbeing.

YINA is the brainchild of Angela Chau Gray, a plant biologist and Traditional Chinese Medicine nutritionist, and Ervina Wu, a registered TCM dermatologist with a PhD in autoimmunology from Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. After meeting in their master’s program, they decided to join forces to create a holistic skincare company rooted in the multi-disciplinary practice of TCM, influenced by botany, biology, astronomy, meteorology, phenology and philosophy. The result is a modern alchemy of traditional Chinese wisdom and green technology uniquely developed to bring the skin back into balance with the rhythms of nature.

Every time I speak with Ervina and Angela I leave feeling inspired and expansive, reassured that the world is full of powerful healing women expanding our view of wellness. Conversations with them integrate medical expertise, astrology, cosmology and herbal wisdom. Their products are produced according to the lunar cycles and nothing is rushed.


This month’s Discovery ushers in a new season for the brand, now simply YINA. While the look, feel and name have evolved, the formulas remain the same, expertly made using wild harvested, biodynamic, medicinal grade plants, crafted according to the lunar and seasonal cycles in order to capture the living energy of precious botanicals.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is a time for restoration, not acceleration. For clearing, not accumulating. For stillness, not action. To be in balance with nature is to follow its rhythms, and despite what the New Year’s Revolutionists will tell you, the first months of the year are yin, not yang.

YINA Recovery Body Treatment

This month, as we approach the new lunar new year, the year of the metal ox, we honor the timeless wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a consciously curated Discovery that supports a gentle, full body reset. YINA’s Recovery Body Treatment is an active, circulation-stimulating body balm formulated with pure and potent medicinal herbs and bio-adaptive botanicals to stimulate Qi, boost immunity and energize skin metabolism for full body renewal.

The Chinese herb, bai zhu, has been used for millennia to move stagnant Qi and flush the system of toxic buildup, resulting in the appearance of brighter skin and even tone. Siler root, another ancient herb, stimulates microcirculation, while horsetail helps repair skin laxity. A warming blend of Buddha citrus, cinnamon and ginger promotes lymphatic flow and improve skin resilience.

YINA Gua Sha Bian Stone

When used with YINA’s Gua Sha Bian Stone, this restorative ritual supports the body’s yin/yang balance for multidimensional health, vitality and longevity.

If you’re a Beauty Heroes Member, you’re already an expert at mixing and matching, switching and swapping, and creating customized beauty rituals that give your skin exactly what it needs. Our Discover It Yourself monthly ritual offers an extra dose of inspiration by sharing how to incorporate our YINA Hero product, Recovery Body Treatment and Sidekick YINA Body Gua Sha Stone into a transformative beauty ritual. Try it as instructed or create your own with other beauty must-haves from the Beauty Store.

Here’s one way to play:

It’s our recommendation to begin with a full body dry brush, followed by a quick shower. Allow for 30 minutes to complete a full body Gua Sha Treatment.

YINA Recovery Body Treatment

On clean, damp skin, scoop a generous portion of YINA’s Recovery Body Treatment, blending and warming between finger pads. Start with one leg at a time, beginning at the ankle. Massage the treatment balm upwards, from the calf to the thigh, and then to the groin area. Repeat on the other leg.

YINA Gua Sha Bian Stone

While the treatment is still sitting on the skin, before it has fully absorbed, begin the Gua Sha treatment with the Body Gua Sha Bian Stone. Starting at the ankle, press the smooth curve against the skin and drag upwards towards the knee. Repeat this motion 5-8 times in the same area, working your way around your leg. Once you have completed the bottom part of the leg, continue to the thigh, dragging the rippled edge of the Bian Stone up towards the groin, going over the same area 5-8 times. Repeat entire process on the other leg.

Massage the Recovery Treatment into the skin of your torso, chest, décolleté and back, always using an upward motion. Drag the rippled edge of the Bian Stone from the stomach towards the heart, and from the base of your spine towards the middle of your back. Repeat each motion 5-8 times.

YINA Gua Sha Bian Stone

Finally, apply the Recovery Treatment to both arms, shoulders and back of the neck. Starting at the wrist, pull the smooth curve of the Bian Stone up the arm towards the heart. Pay special attention to the sensitive area under the armpit and near the breast, dragging lightly towards the center of the body.

YINA Gua Sha Bian Stone

Designed especially for the neck area, gently press the notch of the Bian Stone into the side of the neck under the ear, rippled edge facing out. Press and glide downwards towards the shoulders to release tension.

To activate pressure points and relieve tension, use the pointed edge on tight spots, often in calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and lower back.

Repeat this ritual 3x/week to support full body detoxification and restoration. Also, the YINA Body Gua Sha tool is versatile and can also be used on the face following a careful Gua Sha ritual.

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