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The 2022 Blue Beauty Award Winners

Over the past six months I have been working on the third annual Blue Beauty Awards in collaboration with Irina Kremin and INNOCOS. Our objective is to identify innovation in the beauty and personal care industry that is going beyond baseline sustainability to push the industry in a bluer, planet-positive direction. This can be accomplished through packaging innovation, consumer education, ingredient sourcing or philanthropy. The Blue Beauty Awards hopes to recognize brands doing the hard work and inspire new and existing brands to seek new ways of doing business that can forge a new path and make business a genuinely more sustainable endeavor.

My co-judges for this process were Kelly Kovack with Beauty Matter, Deanna Utroske and Lorraine Dallmeier with Formula Botanica. Together we evaluated submissions from around the globe in the categories of Zero Waste Beauty Innovation, Packaging Innovation, Environmental Impact and Philanthropy. In addition, we had the hard task of taking all aspects of the submitted brands into consideration to determine an overall winner for Blue Beauty Brand of the Year. It’s with great excitement that I announce the 2022 Blue Beauty Award Winners:

Zero Waste Beauty Innovation

Winner – Izzy Beauty

Izzy Beauty wins the Blue Beauty Award for zero-waste beauty innovation for their successful development of a fully circular makeup system. Izzy saw a highly consumable product – mascara – and found a way to manufacture 100% refillable containers that could be returned and re-used over 10,000 times. This has never been done before, and with this innovation Izzy has broken new ground d by challenging constrains that were accepted as insurmountable. We also recognize Izzy’s attention to their supply chain carbon footprint, manufacturing, cleansing and shipping their products all within a 400-mile radius.

Runner Up – Common Heir

Common Heir is recognized as the runner-up for Zero Waste Innovation by developing a vitamin C and Retinol serum in fully biodegradable packaging and plant-based bio-capsules. We appreciate that Common Heir is taking a staple, highly consumable product and introducing a less-waste option, in a sophisticated, beautiful way. We recognize their attention to detail, ensuring that packaging coating and inks were considered to ensure the outer packaging would also be readily recyclable. Common Heir also happens to be a 1% For the Planet Member giving back 1% of top line revenue to Ocean Blue Project and practices carbon-neutral shipping.

Packaging Innovation

Winner – Izzy Beauty

Izzy Beauty wins the Blue Beauty Award for packaging innovation for their primary packaging of circular stainless-steel mascara and lip gloss tubes, recyclable wands and reusable secondary packaging. Mascara wipes and wands are recycled on site at their manufacturing facility in an innovative process. Outer packaging is a reusable, circular shipping bag that protects the products that can be shipped and re-shipped using Izzy’s circular beauty system. Every detail was considered, including the recycling of the water used to disinfect returned tubes.

Runner Up – Akt London

Akt London is recognized as the runner-up for Packaging Innovation for their foray into 100% plastic-free, aluminum packaging for their luxury deodorant, down to the tiny aluminum cap. Each mono-material tube of deodorant, when finished, leaves behind a small, fully recyclable small roll of aluminum. Akt custom developed aluminum caps that not only look good but allow the brand to deliver a plastic-free, luxury product that consumers would feel good about buying, using and easily recycling.

Environmental Impact

Winner – RUVI Beauty

Ruvi Beauty wins the Blue Beauty for their intentional development of a beauty brand that addresses deforestation in the Amazon. Seeing a problem where harvesting ingredients in the Amazon is commonly done by cutting down trees, RUVI is providing equipment, training and a supply chain for indigenous populations to climb, not cut down natural resources. Proceeds from RUVI Beauty are used to fund climbing gear to harvesters to incentivize them to climb, not cut for ingredients.

Runner Up – Mustela

Mustela is recognized as the runner-up for Environmental Impact for using upcycled food-waste in creating a commercial product. We appreciate a large brand like Mustela using an up cycled ingredient, in this case whole avocados from Peru, as a main ingredient. For their Multi-Use Avocado Balm, Mustela uses the full fruit, pressing oil from the fruit, seed and skin as the primary ingredient. We appreciated that Mustela also considered that the avocados were grown using traditional irrigation that didn’t pollute drinking water.


Winner – Bradford Soapworks

Bradford Soapworks wins the Blue Beauty Award for their philanthropy work, partnering with three organizations to donate soap base to improve hygiene, which saves lives and increases earning ability in impoverished regions. Bradford has single-handedly funded the World Vision soap program in Zambia since 2012, has contributed to the Eco-Soap Bank in Southeast Asia since 2020 and began donating soap to Hope & Comfort in the United States in 2021. We appreciated that Bradford also considered the success rate of getting their soap base into countries where products like soap can be confiscated at the border.

Runner Up – Innersense Organic Beauty

Innersense Organic Beauty is recognized as the runner up for their commitment to environmental philanthropy. Their multi-faceted approach to giving back to environmental organizations includes partnering with rePurpose Global to fund plastic recycling in India. Innersense is a 1% For the Planet verified, earmarking 1% of top-line revenue towards environmental initiatives including carbon offsets that positively impact communities in rural China and Brooksville Florida. We also appreciate that Innersense is a newly minted B Corp and is moving their manufacturing to 100% renewable energy.

Blue Beauty Brand Of The Year

Winner – Izzy Beauty

Izzy Beauty is recognized as Blue Beauty Brand of the Year for their innovation in packaging, supply chain, distribution process and consumer education. Izzy did what many that was impossible and has changed the beauty industry by creating a circular beauty company that can be scaled and expanded upon. Izzy offers consumers a replacement for common, highly replenished products in a fully reusable and recyclable system that does not require them to compromise efficacy or application. Founder Shannon Goldberg saw a problem, developed a solution and brought it to market, successfully. We are excited to see what Izzy innovates next.