Flower Alchemy | Flower Essences with Katie Hess

The Alchemy of Flowers

Can lipgloss make us more compassionate? For Katie Hess, flower alchemist and creator of LOTUSWEI flower essences, the answer lies not only in the ingredients, but in the intention. When she collaborated with Modern Minerals to create a line of Emotive Makeup, she intuitively selected her own gemstone and flower essences that are known to dissolve negativity and promote clarity and loving kindness. Fully bloomed flowers are hand-picked at the the exactly right moment in their moon cycle and after several dilutions, only the energetic imprint remains. This is the essence of flowers, and for Katie, it is the sacredness of her art form.

Flower Alchemy | Flower Essences with Katie Hess

In this month’s Ingredient Intel, Katie shares why she chose the pink camellia flower elixir and the pink tourmaline gemstone essence specifically for Modern Minerals, and how these precious flower essences will transform the way we feel about makeup forever.

Beauty Heroes: What is emotive makeup and what role do floral essences play?

Katie Hess: Emotive Makeup literally shifts the way you feel – emotionally and mentally. Flower essences are the key in that process, because they work energetically to dissolve static and bring out your best self. Short term, that can look like experiencing more joy, peace and self-love. Long-term, it can help you recognize your full potential.

BH: How did you select the essences for each product?

KH: We select the gemstone and flower essences intuitively, as well as through a detailed questionnaire. We asked Diane, founder of Modern Minerals about her brand, how she wanted her customers and community to feel, what colors and flowers she resonated with. Then we made several essential oil and flower essence profiles for her to choose from.

BH: How are the essences harvested? What’s your sacred process?

KH: Flower essences are made using flowers from the wild or in special gardens from flowers that are vibrant, alive and in full bloom growing in the ground. It is hand-collected following cycles of the moon and then goes through several dilutions, so that the final dilution no longer has any plant parts in it – only the energetic imprint or essence of the flower. A long-time meditation and mindful awareness practice is imperative for collecting flower essences. For me the sacredness of the practice starts with a pure motivation of why I’m collecting the essence, the intention to use it to help catalyze clarity and wisdom for thousands of people and to create a worldwide ripple effect of positivity. The actual process also involves making offerings to the plant, doing a meditation and honoring the wisdom of the plant and Mother Nature as a whole.

BH: How does emotive makeup differ from other natural, non-toxic makeup?

KH: Natural, non-toxic makeup is amazing. Emotive Makeup takes it to the next level with energetic remedies from flowers and gemstones that magnify or wake up specific qualities in a person.

BH: How does it make YOU feel?

KH: In the lip glosses, we collaboratively chose the pink camellia flower elixir and the pink tourmaline gemstone essence. Camellia flower helps us experience love and compassion, enhances radiance in our face and magnifies a deep appreciation of everything around us. Pink Tourmaline gemstone elixir helps us fully accept ourselves and treat ourselves with kindness. When I wear the lip glosses, they make me feel beautiful and in tune!

BH: How did the collaboration with Modern Minerals occur?

KH: Diane and I met several years ago and had an instant connection! As women entrepreneurs in the organic and natural space and both living in Phoenix, Arizona, we starting meeting for dinners, sharing resources and collaborating in the natural way that women do. It started as a friendship and evolved into a business collaboration which I love. I absolutely adore Diane, how much care and effort she puts into everything and how authentic, sincere and loving she is. Her motivation for doing business is clearly to benefit women, which is totally in alignment with LOTUSWEI and the nature of flower elixirs.

Flower Alchemy | Flower Essences with Katie Hess BH: Any new collaborations on the horizon?

KH: Yes! I worked on a book project with filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg. You may have seen Louie’s fabulous TED talks or youtube videos of time lapse flowers blooming, hummingbirds, bees and all things beauty and nature. I poured my heart into writing about the magic of flowers and flower elixirs – and Louie’s exquisite and stunning photography is featured all throughout the book. It’s a kind of Choose Your Own Adventure book + reference guide.  One section features full bleed images of flowers – you choose your favorites and get insights from your choices: what it means about you now,  questions to ask yourself, actions to take. The second section is all about the incredible connections we have with flowers, how they work their magic on us and how to use flower elixirs throughout our lives to help us actualize our full potential. The book is called: FLOWEREVOLUTION: Blooming into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers and it will release in November.