Bath Time With Bart

The Bath Concierge Is In

There is nothing more rewarding in the self-care department than a relaxing, mood elevating soak. And having seen the growth and evolution of the bathleisure category in the beauty space, I am ecstatic about the variety now available. I have absolutely nothing against a plain drugstore Epsom salt bath, but there is something equal parts whimsical, luxurious and therapeutic from so many indie brands these days.

Using a body brush before stepping into the tub (or a hot, invigorating shower) is transformative pre-bath, and definitely worth the effort. Not only does this 3-minute ritual provide gentle exfoliation, it improves microcirculation and promotes lymphatic drainage. After having auditioned a number of dry brushes, I’ve been most impressed with the Pursoma Dry Brush because of its ergonomic design and softer, more comfortable fibers.

When it comes to the ultimate indulgence, nothing rivals the natureofthings Restorative Floral Bath. The milky floral blend of jasmine and plumeria is combined with mildly earthy vetiver and nourishing plant oils for a full-on sensory experience that begins in the tub and lingers ever-so-slightly for the rest of the day. The blend contains CBD, hops and capsicum that penetrate deeply leaving you oh so deeply relaxed. Pour in a running bath for 7 seconds for the perfect dose.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve embraced CBD as a skincare ingredient after having noticed its impressive anti-inflammatory benefits. And let’s not ignore its role in reducing pandemic-related anxiety. Dropping the Make & Mary Soulshine Bath Bomb with 100mg CBD into the tub helps ease muscle tension and soothes my mind with its aromatic blend of palo santo, bergamot, and cardamom. Most importantly, the clay and sea salt residue rinse off easily without leaving annoying rings around the tub. It’s the sure thing!

Combining chromotherapy and relaxation, the LILFOX Azure soak mesmerizes me with each sprinkle of a handful of the beautiful clay, sea minerals, magnesium and butterfly pea powder in the bath. Turning the tub into blue lagoon gorgeousness, the concoction of detoxifying salts, muscle-soothing magnesium, and blue spirulina makes for a luxurious truly impressive self-care recipe. Use about 1/5 of the jar for just the right hue.

Bart aka @OMGBart Real talk: most of the time, I’m just too relaxed (lazy?) to proceed with a full body care regimen after showering. However, after I rinse off from my soak, I do love a good body moisturizer to seal in the moisture. Recently, I’ve been switching around with Khus+Khus Lemon Body Potion and natureofthings Superlative Body Balm — both are simply spectacular.