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The Detox Walk

What we seek from a detox – whether in principle or practice – is the chance to reset how we feel – both physically and emotionally. But if a juice and food commitment is more than you’d like to take on, consider this simple ritual: Take a walk.

Heading out for a walk, preferably for at least thirty minutes, is effective at easing tension, reducing blood pressure and increasing circulation. The deep breathing that occurs as your body slows down, opens up and takes in more air acts as a conduit to the flow of lymph, the body’s collector of toxic waste. Without its own organ to pump it, the lymphatic system relies on oxygenated blood to carry the toxins it collects to the body’s main detoxification organs, the liver and kidneys. Breathe in and let the scrubbing begin.

There are many known health benefits of walking, but it is also a time-honored way to clear the mind of negative thoughts. Akin to a moving meditation – the steady pace of your feet on the ground, the heightened awareness of sounds and scenery, the rhythm of your breath – a walk has the capacity to take you out of yourself and into a more accepting place. Walking brings mental clarity.

Find the time of day or type of situation that delivers the most benefit. Some of us are energized by morning walks, others are calmed by sunset strolls. And full moon walks – usually done in groups – can be magical. In any case, add stretching afterward to further release any toxins that may have accumulated during your walk and enjoy the rest.