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The Fitglow Difference with Founder, Anna Buss

Anna Buss’s perfect balance of confidence and humility is perhaps one of the greatest assets a brand founder can possess. The creator of Fitglow Beauty is poised yet approachable, which made our introduction on the noisy trade show floor at the Indie Beauty Expo feel intimate and memorable, not a small feat in such a high traffic, high stakes setting.

I had yet to try a Fitglow, but within minutes I knew that I wanted whatever she makes. I was immediately struck by the polished presentation of the brand, no doubt a reflection of the founders aesthetic. But the brand is more than just a pretty face. Anna, accompanied by her colleague, naturopathic doctor, explained to me that Fitglow Beauty products are designed to focus on various skin structures – the oftentimes imperceptible differences of the skin on our lips, eyelids or contours. Anna and her team of doctors and scientists have researched ingredient synergies that “speak the skin’s language”, targeting a specific concern and delivering optimal results. And they use the same targeted approach in their color range too, viewing makeup as an extension of one’s skincare routine. 

The first concern that Fitglow addressed was Anna’s Achilles heel – redness and inflammation. As a lifelong athlete, Anna suffered from extreme rosacea and hyperpigmentation her whole life, finding little relief from over the counter topicals and conventional beauty products. A competitor at heart, she was not going to let this take her down. Her frustration ignited her curiosity, and through studying skin structure she experimented with different ingredient synergies until she found her panacea, and Redness Rescue Cream was born.

This month, the Beauty Heroes community gets to discover Fitglow Beauty’s two top-selling Hero products; Cloud Comfort Cream and Redness Rescue Cream.  Knowing how hard it is to formulate a natural, stable emulsion, I was thrilled to find not one, but two creams that were well-formulated, each addressing common skin concerns that are especially problematic in the dry winter months. 

Meet February’s Founder, Anna Domi.


What inspired you to create Fitglow Beauty?

The inspiration to create Fitglow was a life-long journey of fighting skin sensitivities, rosacea and pigmentation. After finding no relief in conventional and natural products, I began making products to help heal my skin. I have always had a strong passion for helping others and this gave me an opportunity to have a positive impact on how women felt about their skin. My daily inspiration continues to be our customers and making products to help with their skin needs.


How did you learn the art of formulating?

Using nutrition and skin absorption studies to make the first products, I realized that the key was not just in the clean ingredients, it was how they work with the skin. My passion for nutrition, skin and plant ingredients led me to dig deeper in discovering how to take advantage of plant science and improve skin conditions. I continue to research ingredients and how they are best received by the skin to constantly push the envelope and improve what we create. Also, I lean on some super smart women in our group that are experts in chemistry and naturopathy.


When it’s time to create/develop a new product, what is your process?           

All our products emerge from a customer need.  The product development starts with the skin, and looking at what the skin needs to improve a condition or issue. Then, we look at how to pair ingredients that work synergistically with the skin. When you enhance the absorption of those ingredients, you maximize the effectiveness of them. We are always surrounded by little jars of ingredients and products in development that we test for a long time before the products come out. I think the testing process is the most fun for us as a team. We not only test the products for stability in a jar, we take the products for unique test drives while we paddle board, go to yoga, or push it with a jog. Our team is spread out between parts of Canada and Florida so we get a chance to test the products on the skin in different climates and see how they work.


What’s been your biggest discovery in terms of the creative process?

The biggest discovery in the creative process is that we must continue to dig deep. Sometimes we look at a formula for a lip gloss that’s amazing; it looks good and it feels good. Then you ask, ‘what is this really doing for the lips?’  That always gets our creative juices going, and demands us to look at and approach products differently.


Do you have a mantra? 

In the words of Rihanna, we ‘work work work work work work’ so you can ‘shine bright like a diamond’  (giggle). But seriously, we love what we do and the hustle is fun and natural to us.


What’s your workspace like and a little bit about your team? 

Our workspace is a little beach hideaway surrounded by palm trees and beauty.  You can find our desks full of products, studies and new concepts, always with a few cute dogs sleeping below. We have a tiny team of super women including a fashion and film makeup artist, a cosmetic chemist and a naturopathic doctor and skin expert. 


What’s next for your brand? Can you share some of what we can expect from you for the rest of this year? 

This year will be filled with very exciting new releases that I have been working on for a long time. I feel like we are in the creative zone and are super-focused on raising our high standards to the next level.


Do you have a creative muse?

Life and the beauty of challenges that makes you jump out of your comfort zone and create beautiful things. Every day is different and filled with them. 


Where might we run into you on a Sunday morning?

On Sunday morning, you will find me on my paddle board with my two fur babies looking for manatees or spending time with my expanding family.

How do you relax? 

I love to escape to the beach for a walk, snorkel, or cook for friends and family. Exploring nature is what relaxes and inspires me the most.