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Bathing Culture Products

The Journey Begins with Bathing Culture

In the spirit of progress and positive energy that comes with each new year, we introduce our first Discovery of 2023, a long-awaited 4-piece bath and shower ritual by Bathing Culture.

Inspired by a day-long hike in Northern California, this hair and body set is as rejuvenating as daybreak, as invigorating as a skinny dip, and as immersive as bathing in the forest. Let the journey begin.

Bathing Culture Products

This 4-part ritual takes us on a journey, starting at the summit of Mount Tamalpais, threading through the Redwood trees, down through the grassy coastal headlands to the beach, where we dive headfirst into the Pacific Ocean. Featuring innovative, biodegradable, plant-based ingredients, these universal formulas inspire connection and protection of mother nature.

Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash

Mind and Body Wash in NEW! Meadow Vision
Get lost, then found, in the wildly transportive scent inspired by a vision quest in a lush meadow, featuring ylang ylang, geranium, clary sage and lavender. This is Meadow Vision, a new scent for Bathing Culture’s Hero product, Mind and Body Wash. Aloe, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and skin-conditioning glycerine are blended and bottled in 100% recycled PET.

Bathing Culture Kelp Forest Shampoo

Kelp Forest Shampoo
With clean, pristine water in their sightline, Bathing Culture painstakingly developed a readily biodegradable Kelp Forest Shampoo, replacing unhealthy bioaccumulating ingredients with a water and aquatic life-friendly synergy of kelp extract, essential minerals and vitamins. Seaweed, bay laurel, sweet orange and clary sage smell like sweet ocean spray.

Bathing Culture Good Seed Conditioner

Good Seed Conditioner
Making our way to the shore, we encounter the healing properties of seeds, stems and flowers, the base of Good Seed Conditioner. This ‘all types, all textures’ conditioner uses brassica seed, coconut and castor seed oil that add slip and shine without buildup, while squalene and amaranth seed further reduce static and frizz. Argan oil, carrot seed, and celery seed add a rich and creamy texture, and a blend of magnolia, coconut and sweet orange smells like sunkissed skin on warm sand.

Bathing Culture Heat Wave Body Oil

Heat Wave Body Oil
The final step in our 4-part journey feels like a silk slip and smells like summer-soaked skin. Warm, lush notes of magnolia and coconut are balanced with citrus in Heat Wave Body Oil, a post-bath barrier shield of rice bran, fractionated coconut, sunflower and jojoba oils that mimic the skin’s natural lipids and quickly absorb. Arnica soothes muscle soreness, while avocado oil seals in moisture. It’s as light, warm and healing as the sun.