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The Morning Glow Ritual Featuring Siam SEAS

The Morning Glow Ritual Featuring Siam SEAS

This month’s ritual takes us on a sensorial journey inspired by the freshness and fragrances of springtime. Best experienced first thing in the morning, this lightweight, glow-giving ritual pampers and protects the skin with petal-soft textures, potent actives and exotic aromatics. Try it as a ritual to start your day as instructed, or create your own with other beauty must-haves from the Beauty Store.


Siam SEAS Mekha Herbal Active Cleanser

Step 1: Cleanse and gently exfoliate with Siam SEAS Mekha Herbal Active Cleanser, a creamy honey exfoliating cleanser featuring jojoba beads and fruit enzymes that clean and clarify deep below the surface.

Warm the balm between fingers and gently massage onto skin, working in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water.

Free + True’s Milk + Tansy Bi-Phase Essence

Step 2: Calm with Free + True’s Milk + Tansy Bi-Phase Essence, a hydrating oily serum toner formulated to soothe, calm, hydrate and protect the skin barrier. Gently shake to activate, then dispense a quarter teaspoon of product into the palm of your hand and press onto face, neck and chest.

Siam SEAS Sai Clear Skin Serum

Step 3: Clarify with Siam SEAS Sai Clear Skin Serum, an active corrective serum that brightens, balances, and evens skin tone. Apply 1-2 pumps to fingertips and press to warm between the hands. Press serum onto damp skin and massage onto skin lightly. Allow serum to settle for a few minutes before applying further skincare. This serum may feel slightly grainy or tacky upon application, which is normal due to the gypsum in the formula, but quickly absorbs to a smooth finish.

Oio Lab Supercharged Glow Facial Serum

Step 4: Cast Light on the skin with Oio Lab’s Supercharged Glow Facial Serum, a skin-plumping gel-lotion that is infused with minerals to recreate the sunlit effect on the face. Apply a dime-size amount to fingertips and massage gently into cleansed, toned skin. This can be used before makeup, or mixed with a cream or foundation to enhance glow-boosting benefits.

Honua’s Malu Protecting Day Cream

Step 5: Care for your skin with Honua’s Malu Protecting Day Cream, a non-nano zinc oxide moisturizer that shields the skin from UV rays and environmental pollutants. Apply as the final step to your daily skincare routine to moisturize and lend a feeling of protection. Wears well alone or under makeup.