LastObject: The Object of Our Desire

The Object of Our Desire

None of us intentionally pollutes the earth. No one sets out to destroy the reefs, add to the number of plastic bottles floating in our waterways, or toss trash on our highways and in our cities. We all shudder at the thought that there are micro-particles in the water we drink and the food we eat. And our hearts break that our waste could live on for generations to come.

So what would happen if we put down our single use products forever? What if we committed to no more one and done?

Meet LastObject, an exceptional step toward less waste living–the object of our desire.

Isabel Aagaard | LastObject Founder Isabel Aagaard, designer by trade and eco-conscious by nature, founded LastObject to counteract our wasteful habits. Frustrated by the single-use products in the world, she designed game-changing solutions that would make a lasting positive impact.

Consequently, the reusable alternatives for single-use cotton swabs, makeup q-tips, tissues and make-up remover pads reduce massive amounts of waste impacting our environment. (Not-so-fun-fact: Did you know that billions of single-use cotton swabs are produced every single day?)

Each Daily Essential is incredibly durable (machine/hand wash between uses) and completely compostable–made of 100% renewable raw materials. Even the bio-based holders are chic, cheerful and designed to last through hundreds–and even thousands–of uses.

An integral part of the Blue Beauty movement is that retailers and consumers be early adopters of innovation that help us live lighter on the planet. As consumers, you play a role in creating demand for products that allow us to do so. That’s why a little over two years ago, I helped fund the Kickstarter campaign for LastObject with their first product, the LastSwab. And, I am thrilled to bring our community a perspective-shifting Lifestyle Discovery that helps us re-frame single use culture and delivers functional, well-designed products that replace them, for good.

LastObject is proof that sustainably made, reusable products look better, perform better, and are better–for you, the generations to come, and our planet.

This month’s Limited Edition Earth Day Discovery, is offered at an exclusive value to the Beauty Heroes conscious consumer community. Here’s what it includes:

LastObject | LastSwab Basic

LastSwab Basic

This reusable and sustainable alternative to cotton swabs helps combat the billions of single-use cotton swabs that are produced every single day. It lasts for 1000+ uses and can be easily and quickly cleaned by hand with soap and water.

LastObject | LastSwab Beauty

LastSwab Beauty

Environmental and durable, this innovative design has a soft-feel pointed tip specially designed for makeup touch-ups and cleaning tight spaces. Swab comes in a bio-based carrying case that slips easily into a makeup bag for on-the-go use.

LastObject | LastTissue


A travel-sized, reusable, sustainable alternative to tissues. (What???) The convenience of a tissue, the durability and elegance of a handkerchief. One LastTissue box contains 6 reusable tissues made from 100% organic cotton. Each tissue can be washed 520 times, repacked in the eco-smart case and used all over again!

LastObject | LastRound


This is one “last round” you’ll cheer for. The shape-shifting fabric feels like a regular cotton round, but this one you can use 1750+ times before you toss it, and it’s 100% compostable when you do.

LastObject | Laundry Bag

Laundry Bag

A mini-sized laundry bag for your washable, reusable beauty staples. This 100% organic cotton sustainable washing bag is designed to protect the LastTissue and LastRound for hundreds of washes!

LastObject | Products

This Limited Edition Earth Day Discovery is perfect for serious waste-warriors. And, you can shop individual LastObject products at Beauty Heroes once it sells out.