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Reset & Restore Retreat

The Reset & Restore Retreat with Oio Lab

With a penchant for clean biotech, a passion for psychosomatic skincare, and a. Severance for the ancestral wisdom of their Polish roots, Oio Lab is a revelation in high-tech, high-touch skincare that sits at the intersection of innovation and tradition. Featuring ethically sourced botanicals and leading-edge bio-identical ingredients, Oio Lab leads us into the future of green beauty with complex, concentrated and clinically-proven formulas that address skin’s reaction to our inner and outer world through ritual.

Our skin is our body’s barrier, but there is an inextricable connection between it and our inner and outer worlds. When skin starts to feel weighed down by stress, we see it reflect on our skin – and it calls us to reach for products that allow it to retreat, reset and restore. Experience the full Reset & Restore Retreat or mix’n match with other Beauty Store must haves.


Ingredients Body Oil

Begin to reset with Ingredients® Body Oil after you first step out of the shower. Gently massage into cleansed, slightly damp skin from head-to-toe, letting the blend of baobab, copaiba and omega-rich jojoba oils nourish and soften.

Joaquina Botanica Hydrating Essence

Replenish and revive with a spritz of Joaquina Botánica Hydrating Essence, a refreshing blend of calendula and rose hydrosols, hyaluronic acid and sacha inchi peptides. Mist generously onto face, neck and décolletage. Pro Tip: Mist throughout the day for an on-the-go refresh.

Oio Lab Aquasphere

Go a layer deeper with the multi-level moisturizing power of Oio Lab Aquasphere hydrating gel serum. Massage a small amount of high-performance serum in gentle, upward circles, beginning at the center of face and moving towards cheekbones. Fast-acting, but enduring, this featherlight serum delivers an innovative formula of hyaluronic acid, plant polysaccharides and marine algaes to reset, increase and maintain skin’s  hydration levels.

Oio Lab The Forest Retreat

Reconnect with nature with The Forest Retreat from Oio Lab. Apply a small amount of the high-tech, adaptogenic emulsion to fingertips and massage into face in light circles, giving extra attention to any red, dry or irritated areas. Lightweight and luxurious, this lotion comprised of potent plant extracts and enzymatically-extracted mushrooms bathes skin in nature, allowing it to emerge radiant and resilient.

Blissoma Photonic Light Shifting Solution

Complete your retreat with Blissoma Photonic Light Shifting Solution, an elegant mineral sunscreen that gives skin a luminous, light-reflecting finish. Apply as your top layer once The Forest Retreat has absorbed into skin for day-long protection.

Reset & Restore Retreat