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True Botanicals Phyto-Retinol Sleep Serum

Welcome to the Future of Retinol

Developing novel and ultra-advanced formulas in an oversaturated industry seems like an impossible task, but True Botanicals has just done it. Phyto-Retinol Sleep Serum, the newest True Botanicals launch, is an evening mask-turned-treatment serum and the world’s first skincare product formulated with new biopeptide, Peptilium®. Peptilium® is clinically proven to work 2x faster and better than retinol, addressing wrinkles and dark spots while improving firmness, density, brightness, texture and tone. All of this, in half the time compared to other forms of retinol and without the skin sensitizing side effects.

True Botanicals Phyto-Retinol Sleep Serum

While traditional retinol can disrupt the skin barrier and lead to redness and dryness, Phyto-Retinol Sleep Serum has been dubbed, “the smarter way to retinol”. Thanks to Peptilium®, it actually strengthens the skin barrier function, while also improving skin’s texture, tone and radiance. In other words, it outperforms other retinols in every way. This new biopeptide is a perfect example of True Botanicals’ commitment to innovation, prioritizing clinical efficacy along with the health of people and the planet. Let’s explore how they did it.

Sarina Godin
To gain more insight into precisely how Peptilium® works, its origins and what makes it unique, we did a deep dive with True Botanicals Chief Product Officer Sarina Godin. Her answers to our questions give us a glimpse into how this product was developed and why this specific biopeptide is making such big waves. We hope you enjoy this special interview with the forward-thinking pioneers in healthy beauty.


Jeannie: What inspired True Botanicals to migrate the Phyto-Retinol Sleep Mask into a face serum?
Sarina: While we loved the Sleep Mask, we felt that positioning the product as a mask wasn’t allowing people to use the product to its full potential. People typically don’t view masks as something that you use daily, so they were only using it a couple times a week. And because Peptilium® doesn’t cause any sensitizing side effects, we wanted people to feel confident using this product every single night.

Jeannie: What is the process of discovering a new ingredient like Peptilium®? And why did you decide to add it to this specific product?
Sarina: Part of my job is researching ingredients all over the world and I spend a lot of time meeting with chemists, scientists and farmers who are growing, studying, researching new plant based ingredients. That’s how I stumbled upon Peptilium® and was impressed by the results. We decided to add this to our Sleep Serum to allow people to have all the benefits of a retinol without any of the sensitivity, all while you sleep.

Jeannie: There is a lot of talk about peptides in skincare, and there are so many peptides, it can be really confusing. What makes Peptilium® unique or special?
Sarina: Yes, there are tons of peptides out there. Peptilium® is a bio-peptide that is rich in amino acids that works on the cellular level to modulate the expression of genes that often become deregulated during the aging process. In other words, Peptilium® has been clinically proven to influence things like skin density, wrinkles and fine lines, moisture retention, radiance and tone at a cellular level. The molecule is also derived from an extremely sustainable upcycled material that comes from the cranberry industry. So it’s quite unique in combining efficacy with sustainability.

Jeannie: What do the studies show about Peptilium® and what can the average consumer expect?
Sarina: Peptilium® was studied against traditional synthetic retinol and was found to work 2x faster and 2x better in addressing fine lines and wrinkles, moisture retention and skin luminosity. Peptilium® strengthens the skin barrier rather than disrupting it the way traditional synthetic retinol can, effectively negating any sensitizing side effects. It boosts the skin’s natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid and cuts down on transepidermal water loss so that skin retains moisture. Collagen production and skin density are improved, and UVA damage is mitigated, resulting in plumper, more even looking skin. The average results can be seen in as little as 1 week, but typically it will take 4-6 weeks to see strong results.

Jeannie: At what age should people consider adding a peptide serum into their routine?
Sarina: I would recommend including a peptide serum into your routine when you feel like you are truly seeing signs of aging. Whether it’s your first wrinkle or your first dark spot, peptides are a great ingredient to support the aging process.

Jeannie: Can the Phyto-Retinol Sleep Serum also be used during the daytime?
Sarina: We recommend the Sleep Serum to be used at night since we also have incorporated a primrose extract that’s clinically proven to address stress induced aging. The best time to have these specific actives working on your skin is at night when your skin’s natural rejuvenation cycles are maximized, making it more apt to absorb and utilize all of these incredible ingredients.

Jeannie: How do you recommend using the Phyto-Retinol Sleep Serum with the Phyto-Retinol Vitamin A Booster?
Sarina: There are a couple ways to use both of our Phyto-Retinol products together.
1 – use the Vitamin A Booster during the day and the Sleep Serum at night
2 – Use them both together at night and apply the Sleep Serum first and then follow with the Vitamin A Capsules

Jeannie: Can the Phyto-Retinol Sleep Serum be combined with other products, or even a prescription strength retinol, should a client be already using one?
Sarina: The Sleep Serum plays well with all other products and can easily be incorporated into an existing routine. However, the Sleep Serum should be used right after cleansing and toning, and before you moisturize or use any other type of emulsion.

So it looks like we can expect really big things from this revolutionary launch. Retinol has been the gold standard for so long. But now that Phyto-Retinol Sleep Serum with Peptilium® is available, it’s a great opportunity to test this new option clinically shown to work better and faster than retinols, while being less sensitizing. Too good to be true? Not when it comes to True Botanicals. We can see why it’s been dubbed, “the smarter way to retinol”.