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Visit Beauty Heroes IRL for an Immersive Experience

At Beauty Heroes, I have always aimed to inspire people in our community to Live Lighter and Love More. That was my philosophy when I began our journey in 2014 with our monthly discovery service and online beauty store, and it continues to guide our company today. Our Northern California Flagship Store is intended to bring the online Beauty Heroes experience to life. From the brands we’ve curated in-store, to the fresh and accessible design, our aim was to create a welcoming, interactive space for all to enjoy.

Even though online shopping is ubiquitous, in 2019 we decided to create our ideal of what a true healthy beauty store could look and feel like with the launch of our flagship store. Located in Novato, California, just 25 minutes North of the Golden Gate Bridge, our beauty store has enabled us to provide an immersive beauty experience with our unique perspective.

It’s About the Experience

I’ve always thought of Beauty Heroes as a service, not necessarily a retailer or a store in the traditional sense. Opening our doors has given us the opportunity to explore the concept of beauty hospitality, to create a memorable experience when you visit the store to touch, feel, smell and discover the very best healthy beauty products. The store simply delivers something the online experience cannot. We’ve aimed to make every aspect of the shopping experience personal, immersive and experiential so that everyone who comes in can leave having experienced something new and feeling more connected to the products they purchase. We believe that these connections inspire us to buy better, buy less, live lighter and love more.

Our 1,200 square foot store in beautiful Marin County, California is intentionally airy, spacious and versatile. Not only does it showcase our collection of green + blue healthy beauty brands, but our brick-and-mortar store provides several intentional interactive experiences.

When considering how the store should come to life, I definitely leveraged my background as a Spa Director and my previous career in the hospitality industry. I have always felt that the best shopping experiences entail more than just a simple search for beauty products themselves. Our store has a mock bathroom vanity where you can test products as if you were in your own home, giving people an ability to try before you buy. This, I feel, is a true luxury and helps demonstrate our commitment to helping our customers find what truly works for them, through this immersive experience.

In the store, we also designed what we like to call ‘The Broadcast Lounge’  – a beautifully designed sitting room where anyone in our community can gather and try products, exchange ideas and create digital content. It is a place for like minds to come together, where great ideas blossom and conscious consumers can find new favorites to love.

Because we like to call how we curate our store ‘inspired curation’, we think there is infinite inspiration in our store.

The Thrill of Discovery

You can learn a great deal through all of our resources, including our Ingredient Standard, free Pocket Guide, our blog, The Hero’s Journey, on our product pages themselves, and more than 2,000 posts on our Instagram feed.  We strive to educate and empower through thoughtful content and resources. However, there simply is nothing like the in-person experience where you can test products in person and speak with one of our team members.

Our Novato store features some of the finest healthy beauty brands – from local California favorites to obscure green beauty finds.  Our store features brands like YÜLI, Kari Gran, Le Prunier, OSEA, Maya Chia, Josh Rosebrook, Laurel Skin Care, Bathing Culture, LILFOX, Biophile and so many more.

At Beauty Heroes, even though our ingredient standard is sky high – the most stringent in the industry – we aim to demonstrate that there are beautiful brands who meet that standard and that there is simply no reason to compromise on performance or efficacy. On the contrary, green beauty that is free from microplastics, synthetic fragrance and useless fillers opens the door to so many beautiful products that we feel deliver a superior experience than their conventional counterparts.

As you look around the store, you can feel assured that the brands we partner with prioritize organic ingredients, ethical sourcing, and conscious packaging while meeting our ingredient standard. And, many of our brands take every opportunity to source their ingredients with people and the planet in mind. Many work with small farmers who grow and often even process their ingredients in small batches, without industrial chemicals and mass processing methods. Many focus on sourcing ingredients close to where they are manufactured, ensuring their raw ingredients are fresh and leave a minimal carbon footprint in their sourcing process. Some companies wildcraft their ingredients, meaning that they sustainably harvest them from plants that are grown in the wild, which aren’t subject to industrial farming practices. Others even grow their own ingredients in on-site gardens, akin to small farms.

Packaging is also a huge consideration, and many of the brands we work with are early adopters to lighter packaging options available in the beauty and personal care space, like refillable packaging and lesser-waste options. Equally important are the results you will experience with the products and brands we carry. Many of our brand partners have devoted their life’s work to formulating new beauty and skincare products that raise the bar for performance. Our top products feature age-defying, moisturizing, restorative formulas – and more – that have proven results

Our flagship beauty store represents the ideal in-store shopping experience that is relaxed, interactive, educational and most of all – pleasurable.  Online shopping just simply can’t replace the in-person experience of being able to smell, touch and compare these amazing brands and products, so many of which deliver amazing, holistic results.

Our Focus on Sustainability

You may have noticed that our curated collection has been heavily influenced by the vision of our founder, Jeannie Jarnot, and her passion for sustainability. Her focus on quality over quantity has been evident since our launch in 2014, through our disruptive discovery service that delivers healthy beauty in full sizes of fewer products – always focusing on the Hero product. Our stringent ingredient standard eliminates non-biodegradable petroleum-based ingredients, silicones and microplastics and our focus is on lighter packaging.

And, in 2018, shortly before the launch of our flagship beauty store, Jeannie, pioneered the sustainable Blue Beauty movement, launching Project Blue Beauty, which has shaped and continues to shape the course of green beauty.

Jeannie launched the Blue Beauty movement to recognize, celebrate and learn from brands that go beyond being green and strive to ‘go blue’ through their efforts to regenerate and improve the environment. Blue Beauty is a lens through which Beauty Heroes evaluates potential brands from an environmental perspective, and it is always evolving. Jeannie’s passion for Blue Beauty has led Beauty Heroes to celebrate brands that have tree-planting initiatives, plastic off-set initiatives, carbon off-set initiatives, circular packaging, agricultural investment, environmental clean-up initiatives and more. There is no limit to how brands can impact the environment in a positive way, and Jeannie and Beauty Heroes love learning from brands that are making their impact in unique and promising ways.

Beauty Heroes’ own initiatives currently include planting one tree with every order through our partner, One Tree Planted, so that customers know that when they order through Beauty Heroes, they are making a positive impact on the environment that will be long-lasting. Additionally, Beauty Heroes has committed to removing one pound of plastic with every order through our partner rePurpose Global.

In our operations, we fulfill all of our orders in-house so that we can responsibly pack and ship each order according to our own standards. We take a lot of pride in ensuring that we each ship orders in the smallest box possible, using fully recyclable materials – even paper tape – as well as using local printers who print exclusively on FSC certified paper with environmentally friendly inks.

Our Northern California flagship beauty store has even been built utilizing a mixture of sustainable and eco-friendly materials, many of which were reclaimed. In-store, we offer a TerraCycle drop-off station for multiple items, in order to encourage our customers and people in our community to live lighter and recycle everything they can.

Our focus on sustainability is the same in our online and in-store operations, so the good news is that you can support these initiatives whether you shop in our online store or our brick and mortar beauty store location.

Our Team Provides Unrivalled Service

A visit to our beauty store will also put you in front of our highly educated team who has been trained directly by most of our brand’s founders. Their connection with and understanding of our products may change the way you think about the process of shopping for beauty and wellness products in the future.

In our store, we strive to deliver a beauty hospitality experience that is not available anywhere else. When you walk in, you’ll be greeted with a refreshing The Beauty Chef boosted hydration  elixir and be invited to experience our complimentary “Flight of Heroes” bar, an experiential tasting bar where we curate mini ritual ‘flights’ of beauty products for you to experience.

Our staff also takes a consultative approach. We strive to help our customers – you – find the products that will work best for you, given your individual needs and preferences. Beauty and skincare routines are highly individualized, highly personalized sets of practices that vary widely. Whether you have a problem and are looking for a solution, or just want to find your perfect lipstick shade, we pride ourselves on spending time with you and helping guide you towards healthy beauty Hero products you’ll love.

Our team is passionate about our brands and our products. In addition to helping you discover your Hero products, we love to talk about how you can incorporate them into your rituals. We also love helping guide our customers towards products that will work for their partners and their kids, with a robust Handsome Heroes – men’s – curation as well as a section in our beauty store dedicated to teen skin. Everyone is welcome – we love to help the whole family.

Skin Care Services

Among the services we have built into our beauty store offering are our holistic skincare and waxing services. Rather than attempting to set rigid protocols, we’ve carefully developed a process that is completely customizable to deliver each and every customer an entirely unique experience tailored to what their skin needs at the moment.

Our team of experienced estheticians will customize our holistic skincare services completely to your skin type and your unique, individual needs, pulling from our backbar of Hero products from all of our brands to create a one-of-a-kind experience for each individual. Our skin care services are offered in 60 to 90 minutes long intervals and are customized for women, men and teens.  Services are offered in our private treatment suite on the second floor of our flagship Northern California store, where we devote our attention to one client at a time.

We also offer facial waxing services and gua sha sculpting treatments as an add-on to our skin care services. Makeup lessons and applications are also available and will leave you loving clean makeup more than ever.  Just one makeup lesson from a skilled makeup artist or a treatment from one of our estheticians is the perfect way to get the most value from the products we offer!

Beyond Beauty

Our philosophy of wellness hospitality extends beyond the services mentioned. From the moment you walk in the doors of our beauty store, our goal is to help you feel at ease as you shop. From the welcome refreshment, and spacious environment to the education of our team, we hope to make a positive impression on you. With a focus on quality over quantity, we hope to avoid buyer’s remorse and help you discover products that will bring long-term value to your daily skincare and self-care rituals.

Come on in to our Novato, California store for a truly individualized, welcoming and relaxed beauty shopping experience!

Get in on Events

Another of the benefits of visiting us in our store in Novato is the ability to experience small events and activities with brand founders and wellness experts. We list our planned upcoming events on the page for our Beauty Store and notify our customers via email, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter list!

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Don’t just take our word for the value of the experience of a visit to our store. Make sure to check out our Google listing where you can hear what our customers have to say about our services!

Experience Beauty Heroes from Afar

While we would love to see you in our Northern California flagship beauty store, we know that’s not possible for every customer. We’ve tried our best to provide a shopping experience that’s just as enjoyable here online, and there are plenty of resources for you to explore and learn about our uniquely curated products.

We’re also here to help you, even from afar. Get in touch with our team at with any questions you have about our products or how to use them for optimal effect – we’ll even provide personalized recommendations.

Also, be sure to follow us on our social media accounts – Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook – where you can stay in touch with news and developments and connect with us using #BeautyHeroes.