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YINA Lumidrops TCM + Collagen Gummies

Love At First LUMIDROP

Introducing YINA LUMIDROPS, first of its kind TCM and Collagen Gummies.

Imagine taking your daily dose of TCM herbs, vitamin C and collagen in delicious gummies! A passion project of YINA Co-Founders Erwina Wu and Angela Chau Gray comes to life in their newest, delectable launch, LUMIDROPS TCM and Collagen Gummies. A first of its kind TCM gummy, LUMIDROPS are ultra low-sugar, berry flavored, and deliver the perfect TCM herbal formula.

  • He Shou Wu – a renowned adaptogen that fortifies your skin’s barrier, restores hair color, shields against free radicals, induces tranquility for improved sleep, and supports graceful aging.
  • Schisandra Berries – a super adaptogen packed with antioxidants. They nurture, heal, and unveil your radiant complexion.
  • Chinese Angelica – a rich source of antioxidants and polysaccharides. It protects and rejuvenates your skin while stimulating collagen synthesis, promoting well aging.
  • Goji Berries – a superfood powerhouse teaming with antioxidants and vital vitamins. They enhance ocular health, combat oxidative stress, and boost skin’s elastin and collagen production for a more youthful appearance.
  • Peony Root – an anti-inflammatory botanical that conditions, protects, and brightens skin for a more luminous complexion.

YINA Lumidrops TCM + Collagen Gummies

In addition, each gummy delivers the synergistic blend of Grass-fed Collagen + Vitamin C – a powerful duo that works together to support skin health. Collagen is rich in the amino acids that function as the building blocks to help maintain skin elasticity and firmness. Vitamin C supports collagen synthesis and may protect skin from free radical damage.

As experienced TCM practitioners, Ervina and Angela are always looking at how to help their patients get a consistent dose of the herbs and nutrients to support the very common concerns of dull skin and dry, brittle hair and nails. It took 2 years to perfect and test LUMIDROPS for texture, taste, low-sugar levels and ensure bioavailable and beneficial levels of grass-fed bovine collagen and vitamin C, a winning combination for healthier appearing skin, hair and nails. Take 2-4 drops daily, enjoyed as a super subtle treat that won’t spike sugar levels or break a fast.

YINA Lumidrops Founders

We asked Ervina and Angela to tell us more about their newest innovation in this Q & A:

BH: Lumidrops, what a great name. What does it represent to you?

YINA: It’s from the word “Luminous.” We want luminous skin, shiny hair, and more energy. Having more inner light or glow is synonymous with good health.

BH: How is LUMIDROPS different from any other TCM gummies we might see on the market?

YINA: The difference is in the potent and unique Chinese medicine complex in the formula. For those who are new to this healing tradition, one of the strengths of TCM is herbal medicine and food therapy. Our inspiration stemmed from an empirical TCM formula, modified to suit modern needs.

Unlike many beauty gummies that feature single active ingredients, which you rarely see in Chinese Medicine, our formula comprises extracts from eight diverse herbs, yielding a synergistic effect. This multi-herb approach enhances bioavailability and ensures superior therapeutic outcomes.

Consider the blend of herbs in Lumidrops: He Shou Wu is the chief herb, boosting Kidney essence and Liver Qi which is essential for promoting hair growth and reducing graying. Poria calms the spirit and supports spleen function, goji berries provide hydration and tonify Yin, while Chinese angelica root nourishes blood. Together, these herbs synergistically will benefit the skin and hair more effectively than He Shou Wu alone. It’s like taking vitamin C with iron for enhanced absorption.

BH: How long did it take you to formulate Lumidrops?

YINA: Two years, we needed the time to get the dose, taste, texture, and flavors right. You’ll find our gummies have a slightly tart, raspberry flavor that’s not too sweet or herbal with just the right amount of chew that isn’t rubbery and doesn’t stick to your teeth.

BH: Who should be taking LUMIDROPS? Are there any contraindications?

YINA: It’s a balanced formula, and appropriate for any adult who is looking to supplement for better hair and skin. We recommend that you consult with your primary care physician if you are on medications, or pregnant before taking LUMIDROPS.

BH: How long until you notice the benefits of taking them consistently?

YINA: You should see results before 60 days of taking LUMIDROPS TCM + Collagen Gummies consistently. Like any supplement, the key is to be consistent, and we’ve found that in a flavorful, easy to take format like our gummies, consistency is more readily achieved. They taste very good and are something we look forward to taking daily, and hope you do too!