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How Meditation
Benefits Your Skin

Skin is a fantastic communicator that often reveals our unspoken emotions to the world. Our faces turn pink with embarrassment or white with fear. Complexions can appear sallow, dry or as if aged overnight, especially during difficult times. Meditation addresses the underlying issues that create skin problems in the first place. An emerging field of research called psychodermatology studies the interaction between mind and skin, looking at the effects of emotions on the skin as well as disorders that have skin manifestations. By bridging the gap between our emotional and mental states with our overall health, meditation has many benefits. read more

Inspired Spa Water Recipes to Help You Drink Your Daily 8

Water is your number one cleansing companion. Pivotal to good health, those eight glasses we’re told to drink daily do more than quench thirst. They’re the everyday detox agent your body needs to function. Water makes up nearly 70% of the body and is, after air, its most vital nutrient. The body uses water to lubricate joints, regulate temperature, protect organs, hydrate cells, speed the elimination process and help kidneys flush out toxins. Not surprisingly, to be under-hydrated strains all of these miracles and can leave you feeling tired and your skin looking less than more


According to Neka Pasquale, the nutritionist, acupuncturist, food-as-medicine brains behind Urban Remedy’s therapeutic juices, foods and supplements, choosing fresh foods that support your body’s natural cleansing functions is a great way to optimize the detoxifying workings of your kidneys, liver and gut. These smoothies, borrowed from her book Urban Remedy, The 4-Day Home Cleanse Retreat, push all the right detox buttons – including antioxidants. Countering the negative health effects of inflammation – including the slow-down of the body’s natural detox systems on a cellular, organ and whole body level, antioxidants play an important – and delicious – role in these easy-to-make blends. read more

Top 10
Detoxifying Foods
(And How They Work)

There’s no need to limit your intake of detoxifying foods to a dedicated cleanse. There are plenty of fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs that can optimize the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms. Seek out foods that support elimination – tasks carried out by the liver, kidneys and digestive system; help the body rid itself of free radicals; and cleanse the blood. Use this list of everyday ingredients to prevent toxic buildup – from foods, environmental conditions, or beauty products, and help make system-brightening decisions everyday. Compiled by Urban Remedy founder, Neka Pasquale, an acupuncture and food as medicine practitioner, this condensed list of foods has been excerpted and condensed from her book, Urban Remedy, The 4-Day Home Cleanse Retreat, published by Weldon more

The Best Ingredients to Detox Your Skin

Isn’t washing your face every day a detox program for your skin? Well, yes – but it’s not everything. Removing make-up and residue from the surface of skin is an important step in helping allow skin to naturally detox through your pores and prevent blemishes. Just as in a body detox, ingredients that clear the path and support your skin’s natural cleansing mechanisms – by physically removing debris from the surface and boosting circulation to stimulate removal of waste from tissues and cell regeneration – are worth incorporating into your everyday routines. read more

The Perils of Perfume

Do you remember Love’s Baby Soft? It was my first fragrance and I loved how it made me feel confident, stylish and sporty. I wanted more. As the years went on, each new scent I wore sealed a monumental moment in time. My high school prom (Lauren by Ralph Lauren), my college boyfriend (Halston Z-14), my first apartment (Chanel No. 5), meeting my husband (L’Artisan Parfumeur, Fig) and my promotion to magazine publisher (Hermes Orange de’vert mixed with Kiehl’s musk oil). Each one was like an olfactory more

Holiday Relaxation: Calming Down the House

Unwinding from the holidays is an art form. One of my favorite rituals for relaxation is taking a long hot bath. It’s something I gravitate to in times of high stress not only because it feels good but also because it works. Which is why I use this ritual to calm down the whole family. During the holidays, stress spreads everywhere so if we’re not all in sync on relaxation, my own bath time goes down the drain when I get more

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