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ingredients in skin care products – knowledge at your fingertips

pocket guideWe believe in healthy. Beauty product ingredients are not tested or approved by the FDA and many contain toxic skin care ingredients that have been associated with negative health consequences – things like hormone disruption, cancer, and severe allergic reactions.

We’re on a mission to help you be smart about ingredients in skin care and beauty products. For every Villain there’s a Superpower that will get you gorgeous without threatening your health.

Download our free Beauty Heroes Pocket Guide to Ingredient Intelligence listing the most widely found Superpower and Villain ingredients. Use the Guide to check ingredients in cosmetics whenever you shop. And use it to learn more about the ingredients in skin care products you’re already using.

Keep Villain ingredients out of your life and off your skin. SMART IS BEAUTIFUL.

superpower ingredients


Learn more about the ‘Superpowers’ – healthy ingredients in skin care products

villain ingredients

Hormone DisruptionHormone Disruption
Birth DefectsBirth Defects

Learn more about the ‘Villains’ – toxic ingredients in skin care products

You can find more Ingredient Intel on our Blog.

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lose the villains with a DIY beauty cabinet detox

Whether you’ve got 5 minutes or all day to do it, we recommend making sure that the beauty products you use every day are healthy and free of toxic skin care ingredients. We’ve made it simple, learn more.