Our Ingredient Standard

Our Beauty Product Ingredient Standard

Our Beauty Product Ingredient Standard is the foundation of Beauty Heroes. We believe that healthy, non-toxic formulas should be a given when it comes to beauty, which is why we have developed our own strict and well-defined ingredient standard. The products we offer our valuable customers are not only free from ingredients we deem harmful, but are made with high-quality natural ingredients intended to improve the look and feel of skin, and provide a luxurious and enjoyable experience.

Ingredient Integrity is Everything

We are committed to our Beauty Product Ingredient Standard and review each product ingredient list in detail to determine that each product is:

  • Free from ingredients banned in United States (a mere 11 individual chemicals)
  • Free from ingredients banned in the European Union (an admirable 1,328 chemicals)
  • Free from ingredients banned in Canada* (over 500 chemicals)
  • Free from ingredients banned in Japan
  • Free from ingredients that have gone through a process of ethoxylation (and has not been vacuum stripped and tested) which would put them at risk for contamination with 1,4 Dioxane, a known carcinogen. This includes phenoxyethanol and polyethylene glycols (listed as PEG’s for short on ingredient lists)
  • Free from Parabens. Since they aren’t banned for use in cosmetics the U.S., EU, Canada or Japan, parabens are still commonly used as an inexpensive preservative system. While preservatives are important for some products, there are much safer, better researched effective preservative systems.
  • Free from Synthetic Fragrances. In order to avoid the fragrance loophole, we screen each product ingredient list for fragrance listed as an ingredient without disclosing the individual components.
  • Free from any of the 20 most common and most harmful ingredients in cosmetics listed on our Villain Ingredient List.
  • Free from ingredients that were tested on animals. In general, natural beauty brands don’t use ingredients you would ever consider testing on animals. But to be sure, each brand we work with ensures us that their not only have their products never tested, but the ingredients they source have never been subject to animal testing, either.
  • Free from ingredients that have been genetically modified. We ask each brand to ensures us that the ingredients that they source are free from GMO’s

It Comes Down to Trust

When choosing products, we look for those formulated with the highest quality, mostly organic, biodynamic and wild-harvested ingredients that have been ethically sourced by companies who care about your health and the health of our planet. The brands we work with are some of the most selective in the beauty industry with the highest standards for ingredient quality and integrity. We work closely with the founder of each brand to understand how they source ingredients.  You will always find a detailed list of ingredients on each product page. In addition, we like to highlight the healthy Superpower ingredients in each of our selections, so you know what you’re putting on your skin, and the benefits you can expect.

If you have a question about our ingredient standard, please don’t hesitate to ask us at hero@beauty-heroes.com.

Thanks for trusting us to deliver healthy beauty, Hero On!

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