We Are One Ohana

Ohana in Hawaiian culture means “intentional family”. Beyond blood relations, our Ohana includes friends, neighbors and community at large. And I believe that it includes nature and animals, as well. 

Last month, a long-held vision became a reality. In partnership with Kapua Browning, Founder of Honua Skincare, Beauty Heroes hosted a Beach Cleanup on our native O’ahu. Here’s how this beautiful day came to be:   

Kapua called me last year to share some exciting news. After 2 years of R&D, she finally had the winning formula for a reef-safe SPF. She named it Malu, which translates to ‘protection’ in Hawaiian. Clearly this was going to be a Hero product in a future Discovery, so we started scheming on how to make this a meaningful launch. She shared she was teaming up with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, a grassroots, nonprofit organization in Hawaii that coordinates beach cleanups and programs to educate people of the effects of plastic consumption and importance of choosing reef-safe products that help preserve and protect the rapidly declining coastlines of Hawaii.  While I already knew that Honua gives back to organizations in Hawaii to preserve the area’s natural beauty and agriculture, I was particularly interested by this new partnership with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii because it mirrored the cause closest to my heart. Beauty Heroes has recently teamed up with 5 Gyres, a nonprofit that educates people on the global plastic crisis that is causing destruction to our coastlines. Beginning this year, Beauty Heroes will donate a portion of our monthly to 5 Gyres to help fight the global health crisis as a result of plastic pollution. The parallel was obvious…we had to pull our charities into this launch in a significant way.

Then there was the spark: What if we met in Hawaii to film a short video of a small beach cleanup? We thought it would be a great activity for ourselves and our families. Then, we got to thinking…why not open the invite to our friends, families, and the Honua and Beauty Heroes communities? From that thought, we planned a cleanup at a very special beach on the island of O’ahu, a pristine beach near where both Kapua and I grew up. We reached out to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, who were more than happy to help. The day was one of the most incredible examples of true beauty and community; 70 friends, family, Brand Ambassadors, and other founders and teams from the green beauty community showed up to help us remove 700 pounds of plastic from the James Campbell Wildlife Refuge. Included in that were 57 plastic toothbrushes, which likely traveled to the coast of O’ahu from other countries. I couldn’t have been more proud, more humbled and more certain that the purpose of Beauty Heroes is to show all the ways that we can use less and love more everyday, in every way. 

Join us on the North Shore of O’ahu and hear from Kapua, me, our kids and community how this experience transformed us. 


This month’s Beauty Heroes discovery is a beautiful Hero product, Malu Reef Safe Sunscreen and an exquisite Sidekick, Moana Mask with an extra gift and message from Honua and Beauty Heroes. In each discovery, you will receive an extra gift that includes a gorgeous and reusable hand-blown glass straw (made locally in the U.S).  Our intention is that the Beauty Heroes community will carry this straw with you, it’s convenient to store and carry anywhere. The next time you order a drink at a restaurant, we challenge you to ask the server to hold the straw (and feel free to share why!), as it’s the little things that add up to less. Our hope is that the use of the glass straws will spark conversation about plastic consumption and the need to use less and love more every day, in an effort to take care of ourselves as well as our environment in which we live. Be on the lookout for more information about reef harming ingredients in skincare, and the importance of reef safe sunscreen, in our Ingredient Intel blog post out later this month. And, if you’re like me, you’ll soon discover that once you sip through a glass straw, it makes it hard to go to back to using a plastic one. Enjoy!




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