A Reunion:
Catching Up With AYUNA Skincare

Over a decade and another lifetime ago, I knew Begoña Sanjuan as a master international educator, and she knew me as a Spa Director. We collaborated on several different events, and I always marveled at her depth of knowledge and passion for her work. Imagine my deja vu and delight when I connected with her again, this time each founders of our own companies. AYUNA skincare was founded by Begoña and her business partner Isabel Ramos, a scientist and master formulator. With over 40 years combined experience in skincare and spa, the two Spain-based beauty veterans created the AYUNA skincare line on the premise of “skin fasting”, a scientifically-sound practice of feeding skin only what it needs, essentially starving it of toxins, inflammatories and overstimulation. I caught up with Begoña on the Indie Beauty Expo showroom floor to get to the root of topical fasting, discover what makes her 5 products so exquisite and how they created the most intoxicating aroma in the industry.  Watch and learn why AYUNA skincare is one of the most coveted clean luxury lines in Indie Beauty. 


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