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I have been holding my breath for nearly a year, waiting to deliver the beautiful cylindrical boxes – each hand made in Bulgaria –  that encase this month’s Hero Product, Circle of Protection Body Oil.  But before we get there, let me back up. My first encounter with max and me was love at first sight. I was setting up shop at the Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles when I noticed a couple peacefully standing in the midst of the chaos. Technicians scurrying to and fro carrying heavy equipment, booths being frantically constructed, and there they were, standing together, as if they were glued together, holding each other tight, patiently and happily waiting. I noticed them and smiled – and as they smiled back, warmly, I thought to myself, they just seem so lovely. About 15 minutes passed and I saw they were still standing there, so I approached them and asked them if there was something I could do to help them, having no idea what that could be. The woman, Tanja (aka, ‘me’) burst out, are you Jeannie? I said yes, and we hugged.  We became instant friends.

Early the next morning, I met Tanja and Max at their European, eco-minimalist booth. Their line consisted of a range of oils, balms and masks each one more luxurious than the next.  I knew instinctively that I wanted to deliver max and me to our Beauty Heroes community, but as I learned about their technique for high-vibration ingredient sourcing, I felt that in order to do this brand justice, this Beauty Discovery would need to take our community to a higher place, physically and spiritually. What came next was a series of calls and meetings, several of which came on the heels of an international tragedy. I found myself reaching for anything that would comfort me, and often it was a bottle of max and me’s Hero product, Circle of Protection.  And so, it was decided.

Just a couple of months ago, I sat down with Tanja and Max to share the intention behind our May 2017 Beauty Discovery, and the intention behind the brand.  I hope this series of videos will give you a glimpse into the love-filled life and work of Tanja and Max – who crafted each special bottle of high-vibration botanicals and light energy that traveled from Austria to California and intended just for you.

Please don’t forget to join us for our live Worldwide Global Circle of Protection meditation on Tuesday May 16th at 6:30 AM PST/9:30 AM EST.  This event is open to one and all.


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Jeannie introduces Max and Tanja Gruber, the Austrian founders of max and me. Listen as they share the love story behind the brand and feel the flow of love they share for each other and their work.

Max and Tanja share their unique process for identifying and sourcing high-vibration ingredients and how the work on the whole physical and energetic body.

Discover Circle of Protection, this month’s Hero product. Tanja and Max share how to incorporate this exquisite oil into your daily beauty ritual alone, or with the entire max and me skincare range.

Sit with Jeannie and Tanja for a guided meditation to be practiced with Circle of Protection body oil. We invite you to play this video as often as needed to support you in your meditation practice. A live guided meditation will be offered on Tuesday May 16th at 6:30 AM PST/9:30 AM EST.


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