The relationship between health and beauty continues to intrigue us, pushing us to explore and innovate in beauty and medicine. While most approach the conversation from one side or the other, Sarah Villafranco falls squarely in the middle, making one of the most fascinating people to talk to about healthy beauty. A former ER doctor-turned-beauty entrepreneur, Sarah’s line, Osmia, is a prescription for our senses. Last year, Beauty Heroes introduced Osmia’s Hero product, Purely Simple Face Cream. It was an instant favorite, and not just because of the elegant formulation. Our community quickly recognized Osmia as a lifestyle brand. Through their thoughtful approach to everything they deliver – beautiful products, useful content and health-inspiring photos and stories on their blog and Instagram – Osmia has become a go-to resource for living an inspired, healthy and happy life. They invite us into their world and show how to embrace life more fully. I personally feel more motivated and more energized each time I engage with the brand. So, when Sarah invited my entire family to Carbondale, Colorado for a weekend retreat at her mountain home, I didn’t need much convincing. We spent a long weekend exploring Osmia’s headquarters, the great outdoors, and bonding together as families.

While it took a full day to get there and another to return, we spent 2 full days immersed in the Osmia lifestyle.  Sarah, her family and the Osmia team were gracious hosts and filled our weekend with fun and adventure. We went show-shoeing with her sweet border collies Pixie and Alice, ate delicious healthy meals, chopped wood, enjoyed a bonfire in the snow, made a batch of Osmia Lavender Shea soap and even enjoyed bedtime reading with Sarah, her two daughters and my son.  We connected over many conversations about what it takes to build a brand and a company that walks the talk. Sarah even redefined what it means to be a Beauty Hero! As you can see here – she rescued me from a slippery situation. (Always a doctor, her survival instinct is as strong as ever!) Our time together deepened my understanding of the correlation between health and beauty, convincing me that joy and meaningful relationships are the true secret to both.

On a quiet Sunday morning, Sarah and I took some time away from our families and ventured to Osmia’s headquarters and lab. We set up our cameras and talked candidly about what fuels her passion for creating a brand that makes an impact in our lives and on the planet. We’re delighted to share Osmia’s behind the scenes with our Beauty Heroes community.

My first question for Dr. Sarah Villafranco why she decided to leave her practice to start Osmia and how she hopes you will experience her products.

Next, I asked Sarah about the shift in how we are experiencing beauty, using products as tools for stress reduction, self-care and mindfulness, helping us literally, ‘return to our senses’.

Sarah and I carefully selected Night Body Oil from the Osmia body care range, and here’s why:

I asked Sarah to explain to me how she formulates the Osmia body oils that seem to sink in, scent and soften so perfectly.  Here’s why:

Osmia (and Sarah for that matter) has a style all its own, one that reflects Sarah’s values to inspire us to contribute to our own health and the health of the planet. Hear how Sarah’s inspired me and will hopefully inspire you to live and feel your best.

Whenever I think or write about Osmia, I always think to myself, ‘Osmia forever,’ which means that Osmia is the kind of brand I want in my life forever. Their products and scents have made an indelible impression on my life that I will never leave me, and I hope the same will be true for you.  May we all take another step towards returning to our senses and embracing all that is healthy and true with this month’s beauty discovery.


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