Saalt x Beauty Heroes: The most impactful beauty collab, period.

Perhaps you felt a little unsure about what to do or who to tell. Depending on where you were and who you were with, you may have felt a little nervous. (Would you be able to get the supplies you needed in time?) Or maybe you were raised by some woke folk who prepared you well in advance and celebrated your entry into womanhood, giving you a sense of pride. Whatever your experience, chances are you didn’t feel ashamed. And you certainly didn’t miss a whole week of school because you lacked access to pads or tampons. This is the privilege of living in a first world country where women are (largely, increasingly) empowered and free. 

It’s hard to imagine that in many cultures in the world today, girls and women are shamed into silence about this most natural and beautiful biological process. Their communities remain uneducated about what menstrual cycles are and, worst of all, how to properly manage this monthly event. If sanitary supplies are available at all, they are usually for sale in male-run convenience stores and girls are too embarrassed to purchase them, so they often resort to using scraps of cloth in order to avoid humiliation. 

You might find it surprising that this is a topic of conversation at Beauty Heroes. What does global period care have to do with healthy beauty? According to my definition of beauty: everything.  



I started Beauty Heroes when I realized that toxins and misinformation pervaded the beauty industry. I turned my disbelief and disappointment into action and committed to establishing a social-impact company with the strictest ingredient standard and vetting process in the industry so that we could deliver healthy beauty our customers could trust. We’re constantly learning, and we share what we learn with our community. From farming and sourcing practices to supply-chain transparency to how to use and maximize efficacy in your beauty rituals, we aim to empower our customers with as much information as possible to make an informed decision. We said it at the beginning and we’ll say it again: knowledge is beautiful.

So, when I came across Saalt, a California-made, women-owned, social-impact period care company, I was intrigued – first by their mission, and then by their product. They wear their “WHY” like a badge of honor, proudly communicating their mission to educate, provide support and basic supplies to “period poor” communities in Kenya through their partnership with Outreach To The World (OWI).



Then, I tried a Saalt cup, and it changed my life forever. I found the experience to be completely liberating. It’s more affordable than tampons, it’s more convenient to use, and it’s a zero-waste product.  Now that’s what I call a triple threat! I also found that Saalt makes the highest quality cup and has the best support (both technical and moral) through their Saalt Academy Facebook Group. If you haven’t tried a Saalt cup yet, I promise you this: it is the best thing that’s ever happened to personal care, period.   



I was crushing on this company hard, and I told them so.  A few months later, the Saalt team reached out to me to ask if I would be willing to accompany their Director of Impact and leaders from OWI on a 2-week sojourn to Kenya to visit orphanages and high schools to educate, inspire and provide supplies to girls in need. After my initial shock subsided, I weighed the opportunity heavily. Would my presence and contribution on this adventure justify me leaving my family and team to manage the Beauty Heroes online business and new brick and mortar operation for two weeks? Would I be able to make a meaningful and lasting impact? 

As I considered this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I recalled a story Katherine L’Heureux, Founder of Kahina Giving Beauty, told me years ago. Through her company, she committed time and money to building bathrooms at schools for girls because in many countries, when a girl has her period, if she doesn’t have supplies or can’t go to a private bathroom, she needs to stay home from school. (This reality was made widely known in this year’s Academy Award-winning short documentary, Period End of Sentence.) I realized that through my company, and using my voice, I had an opportunity to support girls and women in need, share their stories with my community and bring awareness to a troubling reality that exists in our world today. Only through awareness can we advocate change. Suddenly this “opportunity” felt more like a moral duty, and one I was more than happy to fulfill.   

Tomorrow, I depart for Kenya to help other women, to educate on the importance of clean and accessible period care for women’s health, to support the movement of zero-waste personal care, and to lend my voice to support to another woman-owned, social-impact business. This my definition of healthy beauty. 

I invite you to join along this incredible journey. Follow @BeautyHeroes on Instagram, where I will be posting my daily travelogue in Stories. I don’t know what untold adventures await, but I promise the share the truth and beauty of it all with you. 




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