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The Hero’s Journey

Liquid Gold

In honor of National Honey Month (September), we invited Spa Superhero Julie Tao to fill us in on the singular benefits of raw honey – inside and out. To think of summer is to think of bees humming away from flower to flower, collecting pollen and nectar to take back to the hive. Months later, …

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Healthcare comes full circle

Spas are the original healthcare centers.  And it’s encouraging to see more and more holistic therapies becoming accepted as mainstream care both as standalone treatments and as part of complimentary care programs. I like to think that the acceptance of spas as places of healing have contributed to this shift and one recent discovery makes …

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5 Steps to Naturally Radiant Summer Skin

With summer here, keeping skin healthy, radiant and well protected from the aging effects of sun exposure calls for a little extra care.  Spa owner, Gunilla Eisenberg, shares these all-natural beauty tips for keeping your glow on. Moisturize First-
Before applying sunscreen, moisturize your skin daily with a face lotion, serum or facial oil that provides adequate …

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Less IS the New More in skincare

It took me a long time to embrace this, but I wholeheartedly believe what others have known for some time now…less really IS more.   Most of my life was spent wanting more; believing that more is more, and that more is better.  This seemed true in many areas of my life, particularly with skin care …

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What is a Hero Product?

Have you been wondering exactly what defines a Hero Product?  Here’s how I define it and how it inspired Spa Heroes. A Hero Product: Boasts a loyal group of followers who completely believe in it Delivers on its’ mission Defines and stands out as the shining example of how well a brand performs Is the …

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