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Josh Rosebrook Is Feeling Blue

If you ask any brand founder they will tell you that creating the groundbreaking formula for their product is only a fraction of the process of bringing it to life. Stability testing, trademarking, branding, scaling, and packaging must all be perfectly executed to deliver the goods to us, the customer. For indie bands, packaging options are limited, as some of the most innovative and custom packaging options require minimums that are most often out of an indie brand’s reach.

The world of beauty and personal care product packaging is an enormous industry, so you would think, with all of the options out there, it can’t be that hard to find the right bottle, tube or pot – but it’s just not that simple. You might also think that it was rife with innovation, and while there is some, it’s not moving as fast as we might expect, or want. Companies spend considerable time and resources scouring the market for their packaging options in search of the one that will deliver the look and feel of their brand, the proper functionality to preserve and dispense their products, and the most environmentally sensitive option. This process can take months to years. And, once the right fit is identified, there’s the challenge of getting the components, printing on and filling them.

Many of the conversations we have with our brands at Beauty Heroes are centered around packaging, and when I say conversations, I mean battle stories, because it really can be that hard.

It was over two years ago now that Josh Rosebrook and I had a long conversation about plastic and how we both loathed it and were looking forward to innovations that we heard would be coming available in the form of bioplastics and post-consumer recycled plastic. Today, we give you a behind the scenes look at Josh’s process to evaluate and source his packaging, let you in on what you can expect from the line as the packaging continues to evolve and his thoughts on the intersection of social and environmental justice.

Jeannie Jarnot: Many founders say that packaging is equally hard, if not harder than ingredient sourcing and product formulation. Would you agree?  

Josh Rosebrook: Yes, partially. It’s harder in a different way than ingredient sourcing. Innovative green packaging manufacturers generally don’t work with low minimum order quantities, which many indie brands need to initiate new, green-tech, aesthetically appropriate eco-packaging. 

JJ: You have I have been talking about packaging, and specifically the most environmentally sensitive packaging options for skincare products, for a few years now. And, Josh Rosebrook has been gradually rolling out updated packaging, materials, and design. Can you walk us through the new materials used in your packaging and why you chose them??

JR: This is just the beginning for us. We have goals as a company to continue innovating and lessening our impact on the planet as much as possible, and we are truly excited to work towards them. We’re moving our top-selling product, Hydrating Accelerator, into packaging made from 50% Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) and 50% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic. OWP literally cleans plastic waste from the oceans all over the world and recycles the waste into new material. Our Complete Moisture Cleanse has moved into a tube for ease of function and will not have a pump any longer. Most pumps are not recyclable. This new tube is made from sugarcane, a bio-resin plastic that is thin and lightweight and more sustainably produced than plastic made from petroleum sources.

Our Nutrient Day Cream SPF products will be offered in 100% recyclable airless glass bottles this December/January. These pumps are recyclable, which is exciting! We will also be introducing a new size in a pump-free, sugarcane, plastic tube, as well. Our Styling products for hair are moving into 100% Post-Consumer Recycled plastic and our Shampoos and Conditioners will be in 100% bio-resin, pump-free, sugarcane tubes by fall of next year. We will also offer a refill pouch for our Shampoo and Conditioners as well!

JJ: What innovations in packaging are you excited about?  

JR: I’m truly excited about safe, quality, aesthetically beautiful packaging that can biodegrade quickly. There have been breakthroughs in creating various materials produced with avocado seeds to mushrooms. I’m really excited to see what’s available to personal care in the future as brands and consumers passionately seek better options for our planet. Much of this lies in packaging production and the producers of new green-tech. I’m excited to see the innovation and breakthroughs every year – I truly hope it’s accessible and functional for all personal care brands.  

JJ: We define the ‘blue beauty’ movement as one step beyond ‘green’ or sustainable, celebrating brands making a conscious effort to make a net-positive impact on the environment. Can you describe blue beauty in your own words? 

JR: I would describe Blue Beauty as brands who are investing and sacrificing profit in order to source, test, and repackage their products, as well as invest in advanced solutions for packaging and the many ways they can lessen their environmental footprint in all areas of their business. 

At Josh Rosebrook, we feel this is our responsibility. A Blue Beauty brand continues these initiatives as an ongoing project in their company. It never ends because there’s always something that can be done better to serve the planet in business.

JJ: We recently shared a Project Blue Beauty blog post about the connection between environmental and racial justice. You care deeply about the environment, but you also care deeply about animal cruelty and social justice, for BIPOC and LGBTQ people. What initiatives is Josh Rosebrook addressing and what does this work mean to you? 

JR: It’s everything to us and the core of what we are working on daily. We must all fight to stop racism, hate, and inequality. I founded this brand to be inclusive for all people and we will never stop fighting for everyone to live fairly and equally. We’ve set up a BIPOC Youth Wellness Summit that we are working on and excited to get underway in the next couple of years. It’s very exciting to partner with and support organizations like The Advancement Project, Black Youth Leadership Fund, and BEAM – Black Emotional And Mental Collective, among others who have our commitment. We are inspired to continue our fight for the Transgender community as well. We will be giving modeling jobs to Black Transgender Women this fall to support their equality, careers and visibility as well as donating to events that support the visibility of Transgender people everywhere. We are also working on an apprenticeship program at our headquarters that gives opportunities specifically to BIPOC to learn and grow with our company. It’s all so exciting and we are thrilled with the progress being made for racial equality. We are so happy to be a part of the vital changes in this world and our society. 

JJ: Just in the few years we’ve known each other, our companies have evolved substantially. Do you have a vision for where Josh Rosebrook will be in 5 years?  

JR: Yes. The same only with more innovation and advancement in formulation, packaging, and product. Bigger bolder steps toward reducing our footprint and increasing our sustainability on an ingredient level and as a company. Creating more jobs for all people, everywhere, and giving them the opportunity to work with a company that puts people, the planet, and our product before profit. We are excited to be the change and lead the way!