A Woman Reborn

Connected by our shared love for Hawaii, Maryna and I have long dreamt of a girls trip to the island of Kaua’i, the home and inspiration for her artisan beauty brand, Mahalo Skin Care.  As we planned for our third collaboration, the timing was right to make this dream a reality. I flew to meet Maryna and for 4 sacred days we escaped the daily to-do’s of our ordinary lives and ventured into the lush and sometimes precarious terrain of the island Maryna now calls home. Days of hiking, swimming, deep breathing and absorbing the energy of the island led to incredible breakthroughs and divine inspiration for both of us, some of which we share in the video below. 

Perhaps one of my greatest revelations was how the land can hold space for our personal transformation. While I’ve always known that the island has so many gifts of nature to offer – botanicals, ocean, indigenous wisdom, and Mana (the word for the energy the Hawaiians derived from the land and nature) – I witnessed first hand how these bountiful gifts have offered Maryna a safe space for her evolution. 

Maryna Kracht Mahalo Skin Care  

Maryna has called Kaua’i home for the last seven years. It’s where she birthed her business, now firmly established as a leading brand in the green beauty industry. How did this travel-loving Ukrainian woman get grounded on this Hawaiian island?  In an inspired interview, Maryna shares how Mahalo came to be, the challenges she faces as she navigates operating a global business from a remote island, and why she now feels more optimistic and energized than ever before. In her own words, she shares her deepest intention for us all and how she uses her platform to spread the message of feminine empowerment and gratitude through beauty ritual and true self-love.


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