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I have so much fun scouring the world for beautiful people and beautiful products that are made with integrity. I love it. What’s more of a bonus is when brand founders are as delightful as Dr. Mariano Spiezia, and his wife Loredana, who I was introduced to by Beauty Heroes brand ambassador, Elena, in Russia. Elena had mentioned to me that Inlight Beauty was a line of artful products she felt were rich, inquisitive and luxurious. I couldn’t agree more. Originally from Italy, Dr. Spiezia and his wife now live in the pristine green farmlands along the coast of Cornwall, England where he and his wife Loredana work, alongside the SOIL Association, to diligently to source natural and organic ingredients to create nutrient-rich formulations. Inlight’s unique line of skincare and wellness products blends alchemy with nature and physics to create products that bring out the beauty from within.

With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Spiezia has worked tirelessly with a myriad of plant combinations to reveal our skin’s innate healing capabilities and optimal vitality. His most prized discovery, and the heart of each of his formulas, is his Bio-lipophilic Matrix®, a nourishing web of plant-based phytonutrient oils that mimic sebum’s texture while protecting and replenishing the skin. This month, I’m thrilled to bring two of, what I consider to be, Inlight Beauty’s Hero products, Line Softener Intensive and Super-Food Mask, to our Beauty Store for this month’s Inlight Beauty Discovery. I hope you enjoy uncovering the unique benefits of Inlight Beauty’s Bio-lipohilic Matrix® and one-of-a-kind alchemical formulas and learn more about the science behind the brand. Read my interview with Dr. Spiezia below! 

What unique attributes make Inlight Beauty products different from other products on the market? 

We don’t like to compare our products with others as they are unique both in concept, production and performance. The unique attributes come from the science and alchemy behind the formulations, the principle that the skin is intelligent and can recognize, or absorb, ingredients similar to its composition if they are pure and cleverly put together. Our products are a deep treatment for the skin and they work synergistically with its own chemical structure.

You have been involved in setting the standards for organic products in the E.U. How are the standards different than those in the United States? How does Inlight Beauty surpass even these high standards? 

I have contributed to establishing the beauty standards in the UK simply because there were no organic standards for cosmetic products 20 years ago. In fact, what prompted these standards was the first skincare line I formulated, which was certified to Food Standards, the only standard available at the time. Inlight Beauty is the highest expression of purity in skincare as it only contains the best organic ingredients available with no synthetic substances whatsoever. It is very difficult to surpass such products.

Inlight Beauty is based on plant science, alchemy and physics. Can you explain how all of these elements work together to create natural products that deliver noticeable results on the skin? 

We are one with ourselves and with the universe, and the more we are in tune with both, the better we can capture Nature’s genius. My scientific and medical studies add a little know-how, that helps too!

You did a clinical study on this month’s Hero product Line Softener Intensive. I think that is so fascinating, because it’s also the product that delivered clear results when I first began using Inlight Beauty products. What were the results of that study? 

In just 28 days, we found that those who used Inlight Beauty Line Softener saw reduced size (in both depth and length) of facial lines. Nature is wondrous. Of course, all the botanical extracts used in Line Softener specifically target aging skin and work in perfect synergy to boost the skin’s own healing process.

How did you develop your Bio-lipophilic Matrix®? It sounds so technical, can you break it down for us? Is it in ALL Inlight Beauty products, or just some of them?  

Oils have been used for centuries and are perfect carriers for botanical extracts. In studying the chemical composition of the human sebum, I found that some oils were very similar to the sebum. The bio-lipophillic matrix is my own blend of raw, organic oils with the highest bio-chemical affinity to the lipidic human skin layer. I energize the blend prior to each batch production to heighten the oil’s vital force and help re-attune the skin to harmony, health and beauty. This Matrix is a fundamental part of all Inlight Beauty products. Inlight Beauty uses 100% organic ingredients. That is easier said than done. How rare is it that a brand uses entirely organic ingredients? It is quite rare. It is a real commitment and a mindful choice to use 100% organic ingredients and to avoid water too. It is not always easy to source ingredients and often prices fluctuate depending on the individual crop, but we do it.

How do you recommend using this month’s Hero, Line Softener Intensive, and Sidekick, Super-Food Mask? Is there a limit to how often we should use the mask? 

Line Softener intensive is highly nourishing and it works specifically on lines due to its collagen-boosters botanicals. I would suggest using it in the evening before bed, however on damaged, mature skin better to use it morning and evening. As with all Inlight Beauty products, a little goes a long way. Super-Food mask is a powerful antioxidant. On normal skin, once a week will be enough to give a rejuvenating ‘kick’; however, on damaged, mature skin, I would advise using it twice a week.

If you had to choose one other Inlight Beauty product that you think everyone should discover, which would it be, and why?

My first ‘love’ is Inlight Beauty Face Oil. I think this easily-absorbed, delightful oil contains ingredients that all skin types of all ages would enjoy.



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