Project Blue Beauty: It’s Game Time!

Here’s some good news: As a consumer, you’re already on the winning team. That’s right: anyone with purchasing power is in the power seat. The ball is in your court. It’s your game to lose. All you have to do is know what victory looks like.

Here’s a little game theory for the conscious consumer: every time you make a purchase, or consciously choose not to, you’re making a strategic move.  Your blue beauty choices communicate your values and what you’re willing to invest in. Every time you choose sustainable packaging over single use plastic, for instance, you’re tipping the scales of supply and demand in the favor of the conscious consumer. The message to the plastic manufacturer is clear: innovate or lose.

This is conscious capitalism at its very best: consumer-generated demand that leads to thriving people, planet and profits. (I get motivated just typing that!) And it’s possible right now. Project Blue Beauty is on a mission to prove that individual actions are powerful enough to affect positive change.

So far we’ve shared with you our Blue Beauty Commitments and Best Practices companies can adopt to actively fade into blue. Now its your turn, and let’s be honest, until you – WE – decide to make new, blue buying decisions, things aren’t going to change all that much. Contributing to a bluer planet is a team sport, and you are the team captain. It’s game time. 

Need a little boost of blue beauty inspiration?

I asked clean beauty, wellness and travel blogger, Chantel Rodriguez of @Chooseloveart, to show us how she goes Blue. I love following Chantel because she also inspires us to go Bold with her fashion and makeup aesthetic, proving that clean doesn’t mean neutral. Chantel inspires us to play, while consciously choosing blue beauty brands that are better for the body and the planet.


My hunch is that most of you are ready to play. You’ve already been practicing! When you refuse a straw, pack your lunch, buy less (and better), use deodorant in a compostable tube, refill your water bottle three times a day, buy bamboo toothbrushes for your whole family and choose to rock sustainable fashion, you are taking a series of micro-actions that make an impact. You also inspire others around you and create an energetic blue wave that ripples through your community.

But if you happen to be one of the late adopters who has been sitting on the bench this whole time, it’s not too late to Give A Sh*t. We suggest you get caught up by reading the book, and then join us!

Below are six winning blue beauty moves to ensure victory for your team (aka: the human race.)




Chantel and I are cheering you on!


Hero Up!

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