Project Blue Beauty: What Companies Are Doing Right

Your mother was right all along: what’s worth doing is worth doing well. So, as an entrepreneur, I’m always looking at blue beauty companies that go the extra mile to do more than what’s expected, which is to simply put out a great product and turn a profit. The companies that truly inspire me are the ones that are focused on more than their own bottom line, as it’s worth mentioning that going blue is a financial investment and a conscious commitment. Through their practices, policies and grounding principles, they put the environment first. Which really means they put YOU first, because your health is directly impacted by the quality of our air, soil and sea.

Project Blue Beauty celebrates healthy beauty brands built on the foundation of ingredient transparency and ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship.  These pioneering companies put their money where their mouth is, and quite frankly, it’s inspiring. 

So inspiring, in fact, that we created a list for companies that want to live lighter and leave a legacy of positive impact. The following list is a compilation of practices and initiatives that we have seen in action and that provide proven positive impact on the planet. This list is by no means exhaustive, and it is also not our intention to blue-shame a brand who has not taken – or chooses not to take – these steps. It’s a list that is meant to inspire action and innovation, and it is the criteria we use to determine the next wave of blue beauty innovation.


What Blue Beauty Companies Are Doing Right: 

Source non-GMO, local, organic and/or wild harvested ingredients

Laurel Shaffer of Laurel Skin harvests the vast majority of her ingredients from organic farms within a 100 mile radius from her Northern California studio, ensuring that her oils and infusions, each vibrant in color and bursting with plant energy, meet her exacting standards.

Use minimal outer packaging

Eir and Meow Meow Tweet lead the way in zero-waste skincare and personal care products using little to no outer packaging, with most of their components being cardboard, glass or aluminum with minimal to no plastic components, while Aether Beauty has demonstrated how very possible it is to create a zero-waste color collection that is chic, high-performance and light on the planet.

Or biodegradable packaging

Honua Skincare has embraced elegant, meaningful and compostable packaging from the start. Their packaging expresses their brand message and their initiatives to reforest Hawaii’s native plants with a portion of each sale donated to organizations like the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative and How ‘Aina O Makaha.

Or Upcycled packaging

Bathing Cluture’s bottles are made from 100% pre-existing recycled material reclaimed specifically from Northern California. This means that  no new plastic is created in the bottling of their coveted Cathedral Body Wash.

And definitely refillable packaging 

Fitglow recently launched their latest product, Cloud Ceramide Balm, in a recyclable plastic jar with a refillable insert, so you when you’re done, you keep the jar and simply order a refill.

Provide supply chain transparency

Tabitha James Kraan products each go through the COSMOS Organic Certification process, which means that full supply chain information goes under the most stringent and detailed scrutiny.

Support environmental organizations

Osmia has partnered with Vermont-Based non-profit One Tree Planted and plants one tree per order placed, that’s 20,000 trees and counting!

Now, a little self-reflection. Are many of these practices already in place at your company? Did any of these ideas inspire you to do something new and blue? Or, did you look at this list and say “sounds good, but how do I get there?” If you answered yes to any of these, bravo! It all begins with a simple desire to do more. As we continue to dive deep into blue beauty, we will be offering practical advice and inspiring examples to help you on your path. 


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