Project Blue Beauty:
Our Commitments

If you’ve been following along for a little while, you’ve heard us talk about Project Blue Beauty and our mission to celebrate and sell brands that are actively, consciously going blue. While Beauty Heroes has always been the leading champion of healthy beauty, we see a bigger wave forming on the horizon and it’s headed our way; a Blue movement that will inspire business owners, galvanize customers and lead to a shift in the way we shop.

Like any big idea, Project Blue Beauty has been percolating and taking shape organically. Along the way, we have committed ourselves to acknowledging where innovation is possible while not losing sight of where we are today. Unlike the clear line that separates harmful and healthy ingredients in our Ingredient Standards, there is not a clear and distinct separation between green and blue. Furthermore, we hope that any brand – regardless of how green they are today – will feel inspired by this movement and begin implementing the best practices we share.

While there is not one single and direct path to go from green to blue – it’s more like wading deeper and deeper into the ocean – we know that by setting our sights on the horizon line and visualizing what success looks like, we’ll get there faster. That is why we’ve established 10 Commitments that will guide us in our vetting process while providing inspiration to brands and our customers.  While most of the brands we carry already meet many of these criteria, our hope is that these 10 Commitments will inspire even more action and that together, we’ll all do a little more to live a little lighter. 

Our Commitments:

Beauty Heroes aspires to Live Lighter. We’re learning every step along the way, but we’re on the path. Here’s what you can expect from us.

Zero Waste Retail

Through responsible ordering and forecasting, bi-annual Release Parties, we commit to zero waste retail, meaning we sell every item we purchase from our partners.

Sustainable Margins

Our definition of sustainability includes fair pricing structures that support the entire supply chain. Our generous wholesale prices are well above the industry standard, enabling our brand partners to source the freshest ingredients and offer fair wages to their farmers and employees.

Responsible Packaging

Blue things comes in small packages. We strive to pack our subscription and web orders using tailored-to-order recyclable and compostable packaging.


We support our local eco-conscious printers in the San Francisco North Bay, located about 15 miles from our corporate headquarters, who print on FSC certified and recycled pulp paper using soy ink.

Progressive Flagship

Our first brick and mortar flagship store in Novato, California (opening summer 2019) featuring a zero-waste beauty selection, progressive refill / recycle program in partnership with TerraCycle along with Living Lighter educational workshops and events. 

Blue Beauty and Lifestyle Store

Both online and IRL, we dedicate a retail division to the most progressive and innovative sustainable lifestyle wares and early adoption of zero-waste products.

Dedicated Blue Ambassadors

We’re committed to investing in ambassadors, agencies and brand partnerships to educate, connect and inspire Living Lighter. With their help, and yours, our goal is audacious but achievable: Project Blue Beauty will a global movement by 2022.


We donate a portion of our sales to 5 Gyres, an organization working to solve the global ocean plastic crisis.

Blue Beauty In Action 

We’re committed to hosting annual Beach Cleanups and Recycling Initiatives open to the public.

Blue Beauty Innovation

As part of our on-going research and development, Project Blue Beauty will release a line of innovative beauty and lifestyle wares that set a higher standard for sustainability.


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