The Hero’s Journey

Flower Alchemy | Flower Essences with Katie Hess

The Alchemy of Flowers

Can lipgloss make us more compassionate? For Katie Hess, flower alchemist and creator of LOTUSWEI flower essences, the answer lies not only in the ingredients, but in the intention. When she collaborated with Modern Minerals to create a line of Emotive Makeup, she intuitively selected her own gemstone and flower essences that are known to dissolve negativity …

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Return To Nature: Seasonal Skincare

While seasonal skincare is not a new concept, we seem to be embracing it more than ever.  Perhaps its a sign of our collective ‘return to nature.’ Indeed, as something becomes scarcer, it also becomes more valuable and celebrated.  As we have evolved to spend less time amidst nature, we are seeking new ways to reconnect …

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The Secret’s in the Steam

Ever since I was a young girl, I saw skincare as a healer in my life. The scents, the textures, the rituals. Something about a beauty “routine” made me feel good, inside and out. Creams, oils, and masks were responsible for teaching me how to engage my senses from a very young age. Over time, …

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The ‘Queen of the Fruits’ Mangosteen

Recognized by its rich aubergine skin and loved for its succulent sweetness, Mangosteen reigns as the ‘queen of the fruits’ in India and Southeast Asia. While it may be small (only about the size of a fig), it packs a mighty punch, providing the most complete and diverse library of cancer-fighting xanthones (that’s a sexy …

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Q + A with Annie Tevelin SkinOwl

Annie Tevelin is the first to tell you that when it comes to beauty, more is less. And she would know best. As a former professional makeup artist, beauty expert and the Founder of SkinOwl, Annie cut her teeth in traditional, mainstream beauty where the underlying message almost always pandered to women’s insatiable appetite for …

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Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream by Red Flower | Beauty Heroes®

Anatomy Of A Hero Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream

Ever wonder what it takes to become a Hero? Ingredient integrity, formula innovation and unparalleled sensory experience are just a few of our criteria.  Announcing our Anatomy Of A Hero Spotlight Series, a monthly series that shines the spotlight on past – but never forgotten – hero products. This month, we hop on a cloud …

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